Edward Harcourt / Kathryn Hughes / Deborah Levy

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At the Philosophers’ Book Club, we select a work of fiction or non-fiction and our panel discusses its philosophical themes. For this inaugural gathering, we’ll be reading Deborah Levy’s new memoir, The Cost of Living. ‘Levy explicitly recuperates De Beauvoir’s position, not only by engaging closely with The Second Sex, but by going deeply into the philosopher’s personal struggles to reconcile sexual love with intellectual liberty’, says Kathryn Hughes.

Edward Harcourt, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Oxford
Kathryn Hughes, Professor of Life Writing, University of East Anglia
Deborah Levy, Poet, playwright, author, and Fellow, Columbia Institute of Ideas and Imagination

Shahidha Bari, Fellow, Forum for Philosophy and Senior Lecturer in Romanticism, Queen Mary University of London


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