Matthew Festenstein/ Clara Fischer/ Paniel Reyes Cardenas

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What if instead of worrying about truth as a fundamental, objective notion, we just focused on what works? What if we just believed in what is practical or beneficial to us to believe? Pragmatism is the great American contribution to philosophy, and it has serious implications for politics, philosophy, and science. Join us to discuss the history of this idea, and what might be entailed by ‘doing what works’.

Matthew Festenstein, Professor of Politics, University of York
Clara Fischer, Marie Curie-Sklodowska Fellow, Centre for Gender, Feminisms and Sexuality, University College Dublin
Paniel Reyes Cardenas, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, UPAEP, Puebla México

Clare Moriarty, Fellow, Forum for Philosophy

Supported by the Royal Institute of Philosophy

Recorded on 29 October at the LSE

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