Wlodek Rabinowicz/ Juliana Cardinale

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Tuesday 20 May 2014, 6.30 – 8pm
Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE

Wlodek Rabinowicz, Professor of Practical Philosophy, Lund University and LSE Centennial Professor, Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method

Chair: Juliana Cardinale, Associate Director of the Forum for European Philosophy

Pragmatic arguments for rationality constraints on a decision maker’s beliefs or preferences show that disobeying such constraints makes one vulnerable to exploitation. Wlodek Rabinowicz suggested that the proposed exploitation set-ups share a common feature: roughly, a constraint violator can be exploited only if she decides on various issues separately rather than in a unified manner. Some measure of disunification is a part of the human condition. Pragmatic arguments identify safeguards of a disunified mind.