Marina Benjamin/ Russell Foster/ Simon Morgan/ Shahidha Bari

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Philosophers have diligently examined consciousness, but what do they have to say about our nightly loss of consciousness? In an age of mindfulness, is there something to be said for sleepfulness too? And for those of us still rubbing our eyes at 4am, what is it that keeps us awake in the wee small hours? With apparently two-thirds of Britons suffering from sleep problems, this Forum event promises to be your wake-up call, exploring the science, philosophy and literature of sleep.

Marina Benjamin, Author, The Middlepause and Insomnia; Senior Editor, Aeon
Russell Foster, Professor of Circadian Neuroscience, University of Oxford
Simon Morgan Wortham, Professor in Humanities, Kingston University

Shahidha Bari, Fellow, Forum for Philosophy; Senior Lecturer in Romanticism, Queen Mary University of London

Recorded on 15 October 2018 at the LSE

Photo credit: Janne Moren, ‘Commute’ (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


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