Ulrika Carlsson/ Stephen Grosz/ Erin Plunkett

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6.30 – 8pm | Tuesday 26 September 2017
Wolfson Theatre, LSE

Ulrika Carlsson, Assistant Professor in Philosophy, National Research University, Higher School of Economics, Russia
Stephen Grosz, Psychoanalyst and author
Erin Plunkett, Teaching Fellow, Royal Holloway, University of London

Danielle Sands, Fellow, The Forum; Lecturer in Comparative Literature and Culture, Royal Holloway, University of London

The history of art and literature is a history of unrequited love, which reminds us both of the tragic nature of human experience and of the extraordinary human capacity to transform suffering into beauty. Should we mourn or celebrate unrequited love? What can it teach us about ourselves? Is anyone to blame? In this event, we will explore responses to unrequited love from philosophy, psychoanalysis, and art.

Image credit: Adriano Agulló, ‘noches de insomnio