Christopher Bennett/ Kimberley Brownlee/ Andrew Neilson

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6.30 – 8.00pm, Tuesday 15 March 2016
Sheikh Zayed Theatre, LSE

Christopher Bennett, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy (University of Sheffield)
Kimberley Brownlee, Associate Professor in Legal and Moral Philosophy (University of Warwick)
Andrew Neilson, Director of Campaigns (Howard League for Penal Reform)

Peter Dennis, Fellow, Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method (LSE) and Forum for European Philosophy Fellow

In this time of austerity, many of those who want a small state are also committed to a highly expensive criminal justice apparatus that has little demonstrable deterrent effect. But are there other, more direct arguments against the use of imprisonment as a dominant form of punishment? If so, what are they? Why do they so often fall on deaf ears? And does the current economic climate make it more likely that those in power will listen?