Annex 2

Facilitator’s notes

Workshop plan

Community leaders and practitioners who would like to implement the workshop exercises through a participatory event will find below a suggested structure. Such workshops can be conducted with activists, community mobilisers and, in general, anyone looking into changing their communities for the better. A brief report on the pilot of such an event and further resources can be found in Priego-Hernandez, 2014.

General objectives:

  • To elaborate upon and reflect on the main concepts and tools of research on bottom-up social development, drawing on the Brazilian experience.
  • To relate conceptual references to practical application in everyday life.
  • To engage participants in reflection about the reality of their communities and the opportunities and resources for transformation.
  • To empower participants to make use of concepts, strategies and tools in their daily activities and their relationships with the government, media, companies and other partners, in Brazil and abroad.


  • The workshop has been designed for 30 participants in a room with moveable furniture.

Event structure:

  • Through interactive activities, participants will discuss the main concepts and practical tools presented in this toolkit.
  • During lunchtime, participants will be able to reflect on their visual productions and reflections.
  • Testimonials will be gathered through small groups, which will then present their results and the conclusions of their exercises through a plenary discussion.

Working with toolboxes:

  • Participants will be divided into four groups, and each group will work with one of the four toolboxes.
  • Themes are planned for teams of six to eight participants, including a facilitator and a secretary.
  • Before starting the activities, each team will devote the first ten minutes to reading the “What is this about?” section of their designated topic. After this, they must start the exercises, taking into account the timings suggested.
  • Participants have the freedom to create, adapt and expand the information and materials presented here.
  • Teams should keep in mind that, during the plenary discussion, they will present the topics they worked with.

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