How to contribute to USAPP

We encourage submissions of posts from 800 to 1,000 words long that are communicated in an accessible way. Our remit covers all aspects of American government and politics (including historical issues of contemporary relevance) and all aspects of American public policy (including theoretical issues and international/comparative aspects). We also cover domestic politics in the United States at the level of states and major cities, and encompass the full range of American social, urban and regional issues. We are keen to include one or two tables, charts, maps or relevant photographs where possible, but this is not essential.

Authors of material relating to overseas countries or international issues should ensure that their blog relates substantively to our remit of American politics and policy. Our Blog Team would be happy to advise and help, so you are welcome to propose ideas informally to them.

Please also read our editorial policy, and our style guide if you are interested in contributing.

To submit potential articles or for further information, please email the Managing Editor at: