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USApp is changing – thanks for your patience

After seven months of giving you the best in commentary and analysis on American politics and policy from academics in the U.S. and overseas, USApp is changing. From today we’re refreshing our site so that you’ll be able to access even more content at a glance, and share it with colleagues and friends.

USApp will back up very soon, so please check back later today for more of our high-quality commentary and analysis.

-Chris Gilson, Managing Editor, LSE USApp blog

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Latest Book Reviews

Luis Zuriel P. Domingo reviews Diasporic Cold Warriors: Nationalist China, Anticommunism, and the Philippine Chinese, 1930s-1970s by Chien-Wen Kung

Danny Pucknell reviews In the Shadow of the Gods: The Emperor in World History by Dominic Lieven

Andrew Oswald reviews Wellbeing: Alternative Policy Perspectives edited by Timothy Besley and Irene Bucelli
Manh Tung Ho reviews Being You: A New Science of Consciousness by Anil Seth


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