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Staying positive when your job search doesn’t go to plan

As you are coming to the end of your degree it can feel as if everyone else has got their life mapped out. Graduate job or internship secured. Maybe a holiday or bit of travel thrown in too. Yet despite making applications and maybe getting through various stages of the recruitment process you find yourself with nothing lined up […]

How to get your first job in the charity sector

The not-for-profit sector has always been an attractive option for experienced people who reach a stage in their careers where making a difference and feeling a sense of personal satisfaction become more important than status or financial reward. With their compelling causes and varied career paths, charities are now attracting a much wider range of applicants, including those looking […]

Etiquette in the workplace – the first week and beyond

LSE Careers recently ran a series of workshops on ‘Skills in the workplace’ including one about etiquette. Whether you’re about to start your first ‘proper’ job or are moving to a new organisation we all share similar worries about that first day in the new job. What exactly will I be doing? Will I like my work colleagues? Will they like me? How […]

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    Different CV for different jobs – why tailored CVs yield better results

Different CV for different jobs – why tailored CVs yield better results

Blog by LSE Careers consultant Maddie Smith:

Ever seen an advertisement and thought, that’s not targeted at me or conversely really felt it talked to you? Marketers spend fortunes trying to understand consumers and producing adverts encouraging people to buy their products. Well it might seem a strange thing to say but many of the same principals of effective advertising […]

Career changers – overcoming personal challenges

Earlier this year we ran a career changers seminar which generated some interesting advice and insights. Making a career change can be a life affirming, but also inevitably stressful process, requiring you to overcome a number of potential hurdles. Here we share some of the most common challenges facing career changers, along with tips for how to address these […]

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    Positioning yourself to ‘make the move’ from corporate to not-for-profit

Positioning yourself to ‘make the move’ from corporate to not-for-profit

While boundaries between sectors are becoming more blurred and moving between sectors increasingly common, making the move from the corporate to not-for-profit sector certainly throws up some of its own challenges. Here we share the wisdom of some panellists from a recent LSE Careers event discussing these career transitions to give you an insight into how to manage the […]

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    Career narratives from successful career changers – investment banking to digital marketing

Career narratives from successful career changers – investment banking to digital marketing

LSE Careers recently hosted a career changer evening, inviting back a number of alumni who have successfully changed career direction. We’ll be sharing their career narratives and offering our own insights into what made their career transitions successful, starting with Laurie Wang (you can visit Laurie’s website, Twitter or LinkedIn for more):
From investment banking to digital marketing
Laurie was an LSE General […]

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    Getting started in international development – tips from an LSE alum

Getting started in international development – tips from an LSE alum

Before studying MSc Human Rights, Tianhui Gao studied UK and European human rights law at LSE as a general course student. Here she shares her experience of finding her passion post-graduation and how it’s helped to develop her career:
After my study of Human Rights at LSE, I had a difficult time – I had great passion to do something, […]

Video interviews – the why, what and how

Blog by LSE Careers consultant Maddie Smith:

We’re seeing a year on year increase in the numbers of firms using video interview software to conduct first round interviews. Early adopters of video interviews included Alphasights, Capco and Accenture, but we are now seeing an even wider range of organisations across all sectors using video interview software for their first screen […]

Careers in operational research and data analytics

The last couple of weeks have seen organisations like Concentra, Trilateral Research, DecisionLab, Ford and Tableau come onto campus to share insights into what graduates might expect and what a typical day involves if they were to join their organisation. There’s a really wide range of organisations here ranging from consultancy to technology and manufacturing but the one thing […]

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Relaunch your job search – creative job seeking

If you’re currently looking for opportunities and finding that the majority of graduate scheme deadlines have passed or you’re not finding anything you like on CareerHub then don’t despair! The majority of jobs that graduates secure are not on graduate schemes, plus plenty of excellent opportunities are not advertised through the usual channels but are often found through more creative job seeking methods. Here […]

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Get involved in Tata’s social internship scheme

The Tata Social Internship Scheme is a unique partnership between Tata and four leading universities (LSE, the University of Cambridge, UC Berkeley and UC Davis) and is managed and administered by LSE Careers and India Observatory.
The primary objective of the Tata social internship scheme is to give students the opportunity to work on social entrepreneurship, environmental development and corporate social […]

New Year – new career?

It’s a startling statistic that more than half of us are not happy in our work, whether that be the money we earn or the meaning we attach to the work we do.

With that in mind it’s hardly surprising then that one of the most common New Year resolutions is to get a new job. While some of you […]

What are Corporate Responsibility careers?

What we mean by ‘responsible’ careers in the private sector and what does the future hold for corporate responsibility (CR)?

These where just two of the topics we discussed in a wide ranging recent panel event on ‘corporate careers with a conscience’ chaired by Nick O’Shea, an economist and social entrepreneur. He was joined by LSE alumni and others working in […]

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    So you’re thinking about a PhD? 5 tips for prospective PhDs

So you’re thinking about a PhD? 5 tips for prospective PhDs

Ever wondered what it’s like doing a PhD? Is doing further research something you’re thinking about now you’re clarifying your dissertation topic and thinking about life after your master’s?

Here Mia Certo, an MPhil/PhD candidate in International Relations at LSE, shares her five top tips for things you need to think about if the prospect of doing a PhD sounds appealing.

1. Choose […]

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    10 tips for making the most of your time as an LSE undergrad

10 tips for making the most of your time as an LSE undergrad

We know many students can find the transition from school to university difficult. University requires a whole new way of learning – no one to tell you exactly what to do and more self-directed learning. As well as taking time to find your way around and get to grips with a new way of learning, there’s often a range of other […]

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Alternative CV formats – functional or skills based CVs

As you know, one of the most important elements in your job search toolkit is your CV. If effective, it’ll play a key role in opening doors and ensuring you’re invited to interview. Of course it might be more accurate to talk of CVs. Your CV isn’t a one-off definitive generic document. It needs to be tailored for each individual application. […]

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CVs for career changers

Many of us will change career if not once, then many more times over the course of our working lives. But what does that mean for your CV, one of the most important elements in your job search toolkit? The challenge for any career changer is to show how your previous experience is relevant to your new role. The […]

Finding a job that fits – advice from alumni

Olga and Jonathan are alumni from the Department of Geography and Environment. Graduating with a BSc and a BA degree they both have several years experience in their professional careers working in residential development consulting and financial services marketing respectively. Here they look back on what steps they took when thinking about careers and share their experiences and top tips […]

Corporate Social Responsibility careers resources

A question many students and graduates looking to work in corporate responsibility and sustainability ask is, ‘where is the best place to look for news and find out about opportunities?’ We asked representatives on our ‘Corporate careers with a conscience’ panel earlier this year for their job hunting advice. Below is a summary of their suggestions and some resources to use:

Don’t limit […]

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