The ability to eat cheaper home-cooked meals more often might explain why people appear to spend less money after retirement.

A number of studies suggest that those who have retired spend significantly less money than those who are still working. This might imply that many people have insufficient savings for retirement. Using data from Spain, Maria Jose Luengo-Prado and Almudena Sevilla-Sanz take issue with this perspective. Noting that much of the reduction in spending is related to food expenditure, they […]


Reforms across Europe linking pension benefits to contributions may push some elderly into poverty.

Since the 1990s, the public pensions landscape in the EU has altered drastically, with reforms changing both the nature of provision and the level of generosity. Looking at the changes made in ten EU countries, Aaron George Grech finds that pensions systems’ effectiveness in alleviating poverty remains strong only in those countries where minimum pensions were improved. However, moves to link […]