Marking Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day in March 2016, LSE Women: making history was a celebration of #LSEwomen past, present and future. Explore the rich history of women at LSE and in the wider world and get involved using #LSEwomen.

LSE Women: making history


Be inspired by the world of women at LSE and beyond, discover our archives and special collections – and some hidden secrets of LSE’s past.


Creating a culture of continuous improvement: an interview with Professor Julia Black

Professor Julia Black

Professor Julia Black

‘I don’t think we can afford to leave gender to the gender theorists’: an interview with Aiko Holvikivi

Aiko Holvikivi

Aiko Holvikivi

Stress, pressures and expectations at work: an interview with Professor Jennifer Brown


Professor Jennifer Brown

LSE History

The ‘hidden’ women of LSE

Adapted from her public lecture, Mary Evans charts the history of women at LSE during the early years of the School, and changing attitudes towards women in both higher education and wider society.

Beatrice Webb, c1875

Beatrice Webb, c1875

Ellen Marianne Leonard – President of the Students’ Union, 1907

Ellen Marianne Leonard (1866-1953) was a 41 year old historian who had been connected to LSE since 1896. For Sue Donnelly, writing about Ellen’s life has illustrated the difficulties of tracing the careers of women academics.

Early LSE student group c1910

LSE student group c1910

Audrey Richards – a career in Anthropology

Unprejudiced, unshockable, in many ways unconventional – Adam Kuper on Audrey Richards, one of the first woman anthropologists in Africa in the 1930s.

Audrey Richards

Audrey Richards

“A decided bent for economic history” – Margaret Gowing, historian, civil servant and academic

In a 1988 letter to LSE Director I G Patel, Gowing credited LSE for her interest in history – previously she had thought it “a tedious, dynastic and bellicose business”.

Margaret Gowing as a student

Margaret Gowing as a student

Baroness Stocks – economist, activist

Meet Mary Danvers Stocks, Baroness Stocks (1891-1975), an influential and inspirational LSE alumna, teacher, economist and activist in Baroness Stocks by Clara Cook.

Mary Danvers Stocks, Baroness Stocks, by Rachel Pearsall Conn ('Ray') Strachey, 1925-37

Mary Danvers Stocks, Baroness Stocks

Christian Mactaggart – “Deputy Director, hostess, accountant and lady of all work”

Have you heard of Christian Mactaggart? Find out how she influenced early LSE in LSE’s “Deputy director, hostess, accountant, and lady of all work” – Christian Scipio Mactaggart, 1861-1943 by Sue Donnelly.

First LSE hockey team, 1911

First LSE hockey team, 1911 – does this picture feature Christian Mactaggart?

LSE Careers

Sarah Freytag-Traut – Account Executive, Weber Shandwick France

The LSE Careers blog Graduate Profile of the Week is Sarah Freytag-Traut, MSc Politics and Communication 2011.

Sarah Freytag-Traut

Sarah Freytag-Traut

Volunteering: women’s rights charities

Do you want to be the next #LSEwomen making history? Looking for a volunteering role? The LSE Volunteer Centre has put together a list of volunteering roles working with women’s charities currently live on CareerHub.

LSE graduates

LSE graduates

Claire Chaumont – Research Manager, National Institute of Public Health (Mexico)

The LSE Careers blog Graduate Profile of the Week is Claire Chaumont, MSc Health Policy, Planning and Financing 2011.

Claire Chaumont

Claire Chaumont

Career paths of LSE women over the years

Politicians, academics, journalists and entrepreneurs: take inspiration from high profile women that have done great things after their studies at LSE.

LSE Generate award winner Bonnie Chiu

LSE women in entrepreneurship

Find out how Generate, LSE’s entrepreneurship programme, has supported a strong community of female entrepreneurs and get 8 top tips from LSE alumna Milena Bottero in Women in entrepreneurship  on the LSE Careers blog.

Milena Bottero at a recent LSE Generate social enterprise event

Milena Bottero at a recent LSE Generate event


LSE Library

Beatrice Potter, Clara Collet and Charles Booth’s Survey of London

At LSE, we’re fortunate to have a fascinating collection of material from what is often referred to as the Charles Booth Survey of London. Indy Bhullar shares the story of two women behind the collection, LSE founder Beatrice Potter (Webb) and Clara Collet.

Beatrice Potter Webb

Beatrice Potter Webb


Millicent Garrett Fawcett, Lucy Deane and the Boer War

LSE Library holds the diaries of Millicent Garrett Fawcett and Lucy Deane. Gillian Murphy explores their accounts and photographs of their investigations at the Boer camps.

Boer camp, 1901 (ref 7MGF/E/1/125)

Boer camp, 1901


A Suffrage album for International Women’s Day

At LSE Library we hold The Women’s Library collection, which celebrates its 90th anniversary this year.  This amazing collection details the story of many campaigns and fights for equality, with its foundations firmly rooted in the British Suffrage movement. Eleanor Payne chooses her favourite images from The Women’s Library Flickr collection.

Constance Lytton and others in the 'Prison to Citizenship' pageant, 1911.

Constance Lytton and others in the ‘Prison to Citizenship’ pageant, 1911

Enid Rosser Locket – early female UK barrister

Kate Higgins explores The Women’s Library archive and shares the unpublished memoir of the early female barrister and LSE student 1920-21 Enid Rossiter Locket.

Enid Rosser Locket

Enid Rosser Locket


Curating Women, Peace and Equality

Gillian Murphy discusses being an exhibition curator and picks out some of her favourite items, including the Amelia Scott archive, in Curating Women, Peace and Equality.

Amelia Scott

Amelia Scott



Women, Peace and Equality exhibition

The LSE Library’s spring public exhibition was held in conjunction with the Centre for Women, Peace and Security.



After Beatrice: the hidden women in LSE’s history

This public talk by LSE Centennial Professor Mary Evans, and chaired by Pro-Director of Research Julia Black, explored influential women in LSE’s history and the ‘woman question’ at LSE.

Date: Thursday 24 March 2016, 6.30-8pm
Venue: Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building
Speaker: Professor Mary Evans
Chair: Professor Julia Black

Beatrice Webb, c1916

Beatrice Webb

LSE research and expertise

LSE Review of Books

Check out the LSE Review of Books blog’s special “in focus” section for reviews of book by LSE women including Judy WajcmanLilie Chouliaraki and Eileen Barker.

LSE Review of Books

LSE Impact blog: women in academia series

The hugely popular LSE Impact blog has pulled together a series of material on the everyday reality of systemic gender bias in the academic workplace.

LSE Impact blog


LSE research impact


Helping NHS patients make the optimal hospital choice led by Barbara Fasolo

Exposing the impact of counter-terrorism on civil societies and aid led by Jude Howell

Making EU policymaking accessible and transparent led by Sara Hagemann

Sara Hagemann, Jude Howell and Barbara Fasolo

Sara Hagemann, Jude Howell and Barbara Fasolo

LSE resources

If you’re interested in issues relating to women and gender then LSE has a number of specialist resources for researchers and prospective students:

The Women’s Library

Gender Institute

Centre for Women, Peace and Security

LSE Review of Books

LSE Impact blog


LSE Communications

LSE Women: making history is led by LSE’s Communications Division. LSE Communications works with the whole LSE community to increase the impact of the School and its work. If you would like to get involved with this campaign please contact Hayley Reed at This campaign has been supported by the LSE Annual Fund.

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