Director’s Commentary

Never mind fake news, this was the fake politics election

The 2015 election was a mirage. The country thought it was choosing between the Tories and a coalition of Labour and the SNP because of misleading polls. This election is even more of a sham.

Bizarrely, the two main parties have not been fighting to win a General Election. They have been competing for victory over their own MPs.

Theresa May’s […]


‘Post-truth’: a myth created by journalists?

Post-truth: how bullshit conquered the world by James Ball

Post-truth: the new war on truth and how to fight back by Matthew d’Ancona

John Lloyd has already reviewed these two books better than I could have done. I share his view that the existential threat of ‘fake news’ is sometimes exaggerated and that we’ve been in informational crises before. If Hillary […]


Media and the Manchester attack: evil and emotion

The Manchester Arena attacks were extraordinary in their brutality. In response the news media sought to capture an emotional range including anger, pity, fear, pride, and compassion.

But how responsible have journalists been and is the full story going to be told?

The Sun’s front-page on the morning after exemplified this duality of the splenetic and the cathartic. I am sure its portrayal […]


Time to lift the curtain on this stage-managed election?

The political correspondents are revolting. In the face of a campaign that is painfully stage-managed, slogan sterile and encounter-free, the journalists are taking to their in-house forum (Twitter) to moan about the mundane manipulation by the two main parties. In this long campaign will this change the political dynamics?

[See the end of this article for updates]

The nadir of spin control came this […]


Corbyn: the personal is political and it’s not appealing

When the going gets tough, the tough get, well in Jeremy Corbyn’s case they get going to a safe seat with a thumping majority of 24,000 to make a landmark ‘personal’ political speech.

The Labour leader was in my manor (as we’re supposed to say around here) so I nipped along to London Metropolitan University in the East End where […]