What makes a great leader? On understanding the public

This article is by LSE MSc student Evie Ioannidi, and covers a recent talk by Deborah Mattinson (pictured right), Founding Director of BritainThinks, as part of Polis’ Media and Communication in Action series.

As party conference season draws to a close, it looks like Theresa May might be in need of a break. As the BBC’s political editor so presciently tweeted, analysis […]

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    Mental Health and the Media: its role, responsibilities and the key challenges

Mental Health and the Media: its role, responsibilities and the key challenges

By Guest Blogger Emma Wilson

There is no doubt that coverage of mental health stories has grown in recent years. With an economic cost set at £105bn in the UK, and one in four adults estimated to have a mental health problem, it has become a greater feature on the political agenda. In news reporting, this has provided a powerful […]


The Archipelago of Press Restriction in Turkey

By Guest Bloggers Simon A. Waldman and Emre Caliskan

Turkey’s independent media died a slow and painful death, a result of years of co-option, censorship and repression. But critical journalism faded with a whimper and not a bang even before Erdogan and the Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power.

Today, Turkey is the world’s biggest imprisoner of journalists. The […]


LISTEN: Britain’s Paper Tigers?

On 20 February Charlie Beckett, Director of Polis, led a discussion with Stig Abell and Jim Waterson on the state of traditional news media. Listen to the discussion below.

Part 1

Stig Abell, Editor of the Times Literary Supplement
“The print model has completely changed beyond recognition over the last ten years. It used to be a license to print money, now it’s Facebook and google that […]


News in the Age of Trump: A Re-evaluation of Journalistic Ethics

Sanaya Chanda is a candidate of the MSc in Global Media and Communications at LSE

Journalism’s Existential Crisis

BuzzFeed’s publication of an unverified dossier containing compromising details of the forty-fifth President’s campaign activities and his alleged collusion with the Russian government, and CNN’s consequent report of the President’s briefing of this dossier by the CIA prompted Donald Trump to call CNN […]