You may have already have seen our Most Popular Blog Posts of the Year, so you may be wondering what this is about. Well, this is to capture notable articles which did not make it into the Top 10, but stood out in other ways. This could be the way they resonated with their readers or how aptly they captured an issue or a moment in time.

  1.  #DRCongo: where a decade of failed democracy has exposed the electoral fallacy – Dr Suda Perera (@DrSudaPerera) argues that the current political crisis in DR Congo demonstrates that the idea that a fairly-won election is necessary to create a certain and solid basis for democratic state-building is faulty.
  2. Second-Generation Africans in the West Could Spur an Era of Brain Gain – LSE alumna Amma Aboagye (@a_aboagye) examines the economic benefits that could emerge from children resulting from the mass exodus of African migrants to the West during the 1980s and 1990s.

  3. Deadly Journeys and Disappointing Arrivals: the Role of Africa in Europe’s Migration “Crisis” – Pamela DeLargy (@umasalam) provides an overview of irregular migration from African countries to Europe, while exploring emerging trends of migrating Africans and the patterns revealed by the onward movement of refugees once they reach Europe.

  4. #ZambiaDecides 2016 will not necessarily be a rerun of the 2015 presidential by-election – Hangala Siachiwena (@TheRealHangi) and Michael Wahman ( @miwahman) discuss four key factors that could determine the outcome of the 2016 Zambian elections.

  5. “Am I Going to Eat Peace?” – The Politics of Redistribution and Recognition in Women’s Peace Activism – Simukai Chigudu (@SimuChigudu) investigates how the experiences of female victims of conflict and violence expose the shortcomings of the global feminist movement.

  6. Of Lagos, startups, cigarettes and prostitutes: a Nigerian writer unveils his literary inspiration – Leye Adenle (@LeyeAdenle) discusses how an encounter with a sex worker led to him giving her the central role in his first feature-length novel.

  7. Commemorating Botswana’s 50 years since Independence #Botswanaat50 – Elliott Green analyses the recipe for Botswana’s political and economic success in the fifty years since independence.

  8. Gambling with Demography: Investor Confidence and Islamic Values in Nigeria – LSE’s Kate Meagher demonstrates why poverty, not cultural values , is the key driver behind Nigeria’s demographic tsunami.

  9. Ghana Continues to be a Beacon for Democracy in Africa Professor Joseph Atsu Ayee provides a comprehensive overview of the 2016 elections in Ghana.

  10. What incentives does Niger have for cracking down on migrant smuggling? Not many – Niger became the first country to criminalise migrant smuggling in May 2015. In this article, Tuesday Reitano examines the probability of gaining Niger’s cooperation in tackling the trade.

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