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    Book Review – Algeria Modern: From Opacity to Complexity by Luis Martinez and Rasmus Alenius Boserup (eds)

Book Review – Algeria Modern: From Opacity to Complexity by Luis Martinez and Rasmus Alenius Boserup (eds)

The depth of argumentation in Algeria Modern: From Opacity to Complexity lays the ground to understand future political development in Algeria, says Amir Lebdioui.

Part of the CERI series in comparative politics and international studies, Algeria Modern: From Opacity to Complexity is a book edited by Luis Martinez and Rasmus Alenius Boserup. It analyses the complexity of the Algerian political […]

Marine Le Pen’s vindictive nationalism and Algerian football

Football is often used as a tool to unite people, but Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s far-right National Front party is using the beautiful game as a “divisive political weapon”, writes Nabila Ramdani. Marine Le Pen has not said if she was among the millions who watched Algeria’s heroic football team narrowly lose to Germany in the World Cup […]

Sectarianism in Algeria is a minor problem

LSE’s Nabila Ramdani debates how big a threat sectarianism is to Algerian society. Anybody who has seen Algerians celebrating a national triumph, whether it be the anniversary of their military victory over French colonizers or a simple international sporting success, will be left in no doubt about their patriotism. This is as true for the inhabitants of Algiers and Oran […]

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Old Powers in a New Poll

With a mix of old-guard and marginal opposition candidates, it is unlikely that a leader with fresh ideas will secure power in Algeria’s April 17 presidential elections, argues LSE’s Nabila Ramdani. Images of a frail old man insisting he is fit to govern will do little to persuade Algerian voters that Abdelaziz Bouteflika is the president to lead them forward […]

President Bouteflika should not stand in 2014, but will leave a positive legacy

While praising Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika for bringing relative stability to Algeria, LSE’s Nabila Ramdani says that allowing the 76-year-old to run for a fourth term in office would be a serious impediment to positive advancement. This post originally appeared on Asharq Al-Aswat. There is absolutely no doubt that Abdelaziz Bouteflika has become synonymous with a long period of relative […]

Algeria, corruption and Islamic militancy

In the concluding post of our series examining the origins of Africa’s War of Terror, Professor Martin Evans examines the role corruption has played in the rise of Islamic militancy in Algeria. In Algeria the vast majority of citizens believe that the system is fundamentally corrupt. Algerians are intensely cynical about their rulers. Indeed cynicism as a source of humour […]

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Event – Colonial Control in Algeria: the French Security and Intelligence Services between the Two World Wars

In a recent lecture at LSE, Dr Rabbah Aissaoui of University of Leicester tracked the development of Algerian nationalism from the mid-30s onwards and the French response to it. In colonial Algeria, the social, ethnic and religious dividing lines of colonial society remained marked in the interwar period, and the political tensions that traditionally characterised the colonial relationship became particularly […]

Return of the Arab strongman

LSE’s Nabila Ramdani asks whether the Arab strongman is back in fashion two years after the Arab Spring swept through Middle East and North Africa. This article originally appeared on the Chatham House website. Algeria, the biggest country in Africa and potentially one of the most volatile, played an eerily subdued role in the Arab Spring. There were sizeable demonstrations […]

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French operation in Mali, a new phase in the ‘global war on terror’

LSE’s Nabila Ramdani argues that even if French forces succeed in leaving Mali in a few weeks, the battle with multi-national global terrorists is one that is set to continue for years to come. This post originally appeared on Al Arabiya. An uncompromising operation against radical Islamists which will be over ‘in a matter of weeks’ is how French Foreign […]

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Algeria spills more blood

LSE’s Nabila Ramdani says that the violent end to this standoff is only the start of a new chapter in the country’s savage history. The post originally appeared in the Guardian Comment is Free section. Given Algeria’s savage history, it is tragic but hardly surprising that the In Amenas hostage standoff would end in a bloodbath. Army helicopter gunships arrived […]

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