Diaspora diaries and football politics

As with football, Africa risks losing its best and brightest to more advanced and  monied nations, says Ronak Gopaldas.
Football and politics have always enjoyed a fascinating relationship. During this year’s World Cup the political subtext was especially elevated, given the geo-political significance of the event being hosted in Russia. But beyond the obvious diplomatic undercurrent, the tournament brought a number […]

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    After his comments about African mothers, are we finally realising that Macron isn’t that liberal after all?

After his comments about African mothers, are we finally realising that Macron isn’t that liberal after all?

‘Seven or eight children per woman,’ were Macron’s exact words, as he rehearsed a canard that is particularly popular among nostalgic colonialists who still speak of the Dark Continent. Nabila Ramdani examines what these comments tell us about the new French leader.

Social media lynchings are as hyperbolic as they sound, but Emmanuel Macron got all the metaphorical violence he deserved […]

The CFA Franc: French Monetary Imperialism in Africa

Ndongo Samba Sylla argues that the CFA franc – officially created on 26 December 1945 by a decree of General de Gaulle – used across much of Africa today is a colonial relic. For those hoping to export competitive products, obtain affordable credit, work for the integration of continental trade, or fight for an Africa free from imperialist control, […]

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    French Intervention in Africa Reflects its National Politics

French Intervention in Africa Reflects its National Politics

Eva Nelson analyses the underlying motivations in France’s foreign policy towards Africa.


The long view of French foreign policy in Africa is paved by conflict of interest. Some politicians are tempted to pull out of the continent for fear of accusation of neo-colonialism, somewhat incompatible with President Hollande’s definition of the Francafrique. Others, looking forward to re-election, are more preoccupied […]

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    Souffles turns 50: Remembering the “Breath” of Moroccan Francophone Literature

Souffles turns 50: Remembering the “Breath” of Moroccan Francophone Literature

Khalid Lyamlahy recalls the role played by Moroccan review Souffles in initiating a new cultural movement in 1960s Morocco.

This is part of our joint series with the Africa In Words blog: Reflections on African Literature taking place this week alongside the LSE Space for Thought Literary Festival 2016.

Why is francophone North African literature becoming increasingly popular in the UK […]

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Justice, But Only For Some: The Trial of Hissène Habré

Kelly-Jo Bluen joins JiC for this critical take on the trial of Hissène Habré and the need to pursue justice for all parties responsible for atrocities in Chad.

The trial of former Chadian President Hissène Habré in Senegal in July 2015 reflects many of the tensions afflicting international justice. Habré, who is charged with crimes against humanity, torture, and war […]

The Trial of Hissène Habré: Five Thoughts

As the long-awaited trial of the former Chad leader Hissène Habré is adjourned to September, LSE alumnus Mark Kersten shares his thoughts on the long campaign that has led to one African country holding the ruler of another responsible for crimes.

In descriptions of the trial of former Chadian president Hissène Habré, no word has been used more often than […]

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    #GreatWarInAfrica: France, Africa, and the First World War, 100 Years On

#GreatWarInAfrica: France, Africa, and the First World War, 100 Years On

France stands out as the only European country to include black African soldiers in their armies that fought in Europe. Richard S Fogarty of the University at Albany, State University of New York explores the resulting issues of identity for Africans and French people. In April of this year, the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, 90 […]

#GreatWarInAfrica: La France, l’Afrique et la première guerre mondiale, 100 ans déjà.

La France se distingue comme le seul pays européen à avoir inclus des soldats africains noirs dans ses armées qui ont combattu en Europe. Richard S Fogarty de l’Université d’Albany, Université d’état de New York explore les questions identitaires qui en résultent pour les africains et les français. Au mois d’Avril de cette année marquant le centenaire du début de […]

Marine Le Pen’s vindictive nationalism and Algerian football

Football is often used as a tool to unite people, but Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s far-right National Front party is using the beautiful game as a “divisive political weapon”, writes Nabila Ramdani. Marine Le Pen has not said if she was among the millions who watched Algeria’s heroic football team narrowly lose to Germany in the World Cup […]

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