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    Book Review – Evaluating Transitional Justice: Accountability and Peacebuilding in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone (eds.) Kirsten Ainley, Rebekka Friedman & Chris Mahony

Book Review – Evaluating Transitional Justice: Accountability and Peacebuilding in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone (eds.) Kirsten Ainley, Rebekka Friedman & Chris Mahony

Evaluating Transitional Justice: Accountability and Peacebuilding in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone provides the most thorough account to date of a landmark moment in the history of transitional justice, says Jamie Hitchen.


The Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) was the first ‘hybrid’ international criminal tribunal. It was set up to try those allegedly responsible for atrocities committed during the country’s […]

Post-Ebola: What road towards recovery?

The Ebola outbreak had claimed the lives of more 11,000 people and has devastated entire communities at both an economic and psychosocial level, mainly in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. There is a necessity to act upon the good intentions and circumstantial discourses, learn lessons and react, says Sandra Lhote-Fernandes.

The main lesson from this crisis has been the inability of health systems to deal […]

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How Bad Data fed the Ebola Epidemic

Misleading reports, speculation and poor projections from international agencies, government ministries and the media about the Ebola outbreak have exacerbated the problem, say Rachel Glennerster, Tavneet Suri and Herbert M’Cleod.

The West African Ebola outbreak first hit Sierra Leone in May 2014, followed by an explosion of cases in the capital Freetown in September. The epidemic now counts more than […]

Touched by the pain of the Ebola epidemic

Africa at LSE editor Syerramia Willoughby recounts how her distant sympathy for Ebola victims and their surviving families became a raw uncompromising and personal pain.

For better or for worse, the fates of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia are intertwined. Bound together in the Mano River Basin on the tight left-hand corner of western Africa, the interlinking networks of these […]

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Media and accountability- lessons from fragile settings

Delia Lloyd and Prudence Willats of BBC Media Action reflect on supporting media to help improve political accountability in Sierra Leone, Angola and Tanzania.

A free and plural media rooted in a strong culture of independent journalism – one that holds politicians to account, even when they do not want to be – has long been regarded as a cornerstone […]

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Living with Ebola: Initiatives from Below

LSE’s Kate Meagher highlights a local initiative which is providing support to areas devastated by the Ebola virus.

The massive, if somewhat belated, international response to the Ebola crisis has filled our television screens with eerie images of people in what look like lunar landing gear fanning out across the West African landscape.  The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Appeal, Band-Aid […]

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Mixed messages: Social media, rumours and responses to the #Ebola outbreak in #SierraLeone’s capital, Freetown

LSE’s Jonah Lipton is currently living in Freetown where he is doing his fieldwork. In this post, he reveals the role social media is playing in spreading mixed messages about the Ebola outbreak in the country. Sierra Leoneans have been struggling to make sense of their country’s Ebola outbreak over the last few months. The Sierra Leonean Ministry of Health […]

World Cup fever in Sierra Leone reveals how the beautiful game unites and divides

LSE’s Jonah Lipton looks at how football serves as a window into a wider world for marginalised youth in Freetown. I am sitting in Victor’s cinema in Freetown, Sierra Leone. A rumbling generator powers three televisions at the front of a large room built from corrugated iron and wood. A crowd has assembled to watch the World Cup game between Ivory […]

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Book Review: When War Ends: Building Peace in Divided Communities by David J. Francis

When War Ends reviews the case study of the West African state of Sierra Leone, a so-called ’successful’ model of liberal peacebuilding, to seek potential lessons for other parts of the world in regards to winning the peace and reconciling divided communities. Maria Kuecken finds the majority of chapters contribute meaningfully to the discussion of liberal peacebuilding—one that is ultimately practical but rooted in […]

From Peace-building towards Development: Opportunities and Challenges for Sierra Leone’s Future

Simone Datzberger (LSE), Viviane Dittrich (LSE) and Luisa Enria (Oxford) review the recent Sierra Leone research workshop that took place at LSE. Since the end of the civil war (1991-2002), Sierra Leone’s transition from conflict to peace and development has often been portrayed as a success story. Following three consecutive peaceful elections (2002, 2007, 2012), Sierra Leone was recently also […]

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