Sierra Leone

Book Review – Sierra Leone: A Political History by David Harris

LSE’s Chris Suckling reviews Sierra Leone: A Political History by David Harris which takes a fresh look at the evolution of the West African country’s state and society. In Sierra Leone: A Political History, David Harris convincingly draws out the policy implications of continuity and change in state-society relations. In doing so the book presents a nuanced critique of current […]

Whistling Women: Gender, Space, and Power Paradigms in Africa

LSE alumna Marissa Jackson discusses how the award-winning documentary 30%(Women and Politics in Sierra Leone) emphasises the challenges women face in the battle for gender equity. Almost four years after the enactment of Senegal’s controversial Gender Parity Act (Parité), which guarantees women and men 50-50 representation in the legislature and on the ballots, some Sierra Leonean activists are fighting for […]

February 7th, 2014|Gender|0 Comments|

British mining companies exploitation of Sierra Leone

LSE’s Bella M brings to light the practices of foreign mining companies in Sierra Leone. “Exploit and go love, that’s all we’re here to do, exploit and go.” As the supervisor (accompanied by two fellow engineers) working for London Mining uttered these words to me, I realised that the the word humane in the English language was wrongly constructed; some […]

December 23rd, 2013|Resources|7 Comments|

Orbiting in Space – Suspended Justice in Sierra Leone

Laura Martin of University of Edinburgh examines the over-reliance of legal, retributive modes of justice in Sierra Leone. This post originally appeared on the blog Justice in Conflict. In The Hague in September 2013, the Appeals Chamber of the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) upheld the May 2012 ruling that Charles Taylor had in fact committed war crimes by […]

November 6th, 2013|Conflict|0 Comments|

Whither Post-Post-Conflict Development? Development in the Security-Development Nexus

LSE’s Sasha Jesperson argues that targeting aid on post-conflict and fragile states at the expense of conflict-free less developed countries will leave the latter struggling to maintain progress. The security-development nexus has increasingly been used to frame international engagement in post-conflict and fragile states. The enthusiasm behind the nexus is derived from arguments that “there can be no security without […]

Sierra Leone – Standing tall on shaky ground

LSE’s Alex Haigh assesses whether Sierra Leone can regain its former glory as the Athens of West Africa. On Saturday 17 November, Sierra Leone’s third general election since the end of its eleven year civil war will take place. According to the UN, these polls could be “transformational”[i] in Sierra Leonean politics as they mark the end of the country’s […]

Freetown’s “Ajekuleh”: Where the Good, the Bad and the Ugly revive memories of a tragic past

LSE’s Simone Datzberger examines the legacy of Freetown’s former slave port on her latest visit to Sierra Leone. “There is no replacement for street sense”, a group of young men tell me while squeezing out the last drops of cheap whisky from little plastic bags. It’s a hot, sunny, mid-summer afternoon. I find myself in the remains of a crumbling […]

September 7th, 2012|Urbanisation|2 Comments|

A decade after the war, #SierraLeone is on the right track

LSE’s Sasha Jesperson assesses whether Sierra Leone is developing at the right pace ten years after the civil war. At the end of the Cold War, leaders put forward the notion that decreased military spending would have long-term benefits. At the time, this was clearly a political tactic to draw attention away from economic decline as the conflict ended. Since […]

Book Review: Useful Enemies: When Waging Wars is More Important than Winning Them

LSE’s Sasha Jesperson reviews the latest book by Professor David Keen of LSE’s Department of International Development entitled Useful Enemies: When Waging Wars Is More Important Than Winning Them. The atrocities of modern warfare may astound us, but David Keen points out that they may not be as senseless as they first appear. In Useful Enemies: When Waging Wars is […]

The power of ideas: India minister visits Sierra Leone

The IGC has been helping the spread of ideas from one side of the developing world to another. The visit of the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar – the most high profile visit of an Indian official to Sierra Leone in many years – is the result of a combination of events that capture the spirit of what the IGC […]

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