Open Invitation to Forthcoming Free Lecture on Brexit with Rt. Hon John Redwood MP:

Towards a Global Britain: Growth, Prosperity and Globalisation in a Post-Brexit World 

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Tim Evans: Having spent several years in the late 1980s and early 1990s studying for my masters and doctorate at the London School of Economics, I carry with me a deep-seated passion for robust ideas and logical argumentation. As with all great universities, I learned to value and engage disparate and opposing perspectives not least so as to avoid the pitfalls of bias and groupthink. To be open to challenging ideas is a prerequisite for reflection, development and progress.

Now in my early 50s and as Professor of Business and Political Economy at Middlesex University London (Mdx), I wear on my sleeve my daily delight in engaging and sharing new perspectives. I also have the privilege of doing so on one of this country’s most exhilarating and internationally diverse campuses. Indeed, it is with this passion for argumentation and diversity that I am delighted to chair this Thursday, 12 April 2018, the next MDX Business School Distinguished Lecture, this time with Rt. Hon John Redwood MP. I hope you will register and join us at this free and open event.

John is not only a renowned politician, debater and entrepreneur but since 2000 he has also been a Visiting Professor with Middlesex University’s Business School. One of the reasons I asked John to do this Distinguished Lecture is that he has long articulated one of the most engaging and beguiling of scholarly traits. Instead of echoing others or merely following the past, he has a proven track record for being an outspoken outrider for those whispers, trends and ideas that go on to reshape and mediate our world. It is in this spirit that his forthcoming MDX Distinguished Lecture, ‘Towards a Global Britain: Growth, Prosperity and Globalisation in a Post-Brexit World’ promises to be so exciting and challenging.

Famous for argumentation using logic over passion, John is going to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing Britain in a post-Brexit world and the many ways in which he believes such a transition will help to re-energise, re-focus and re-engage the UK in this global outreach. Born in Dover, educated at Magdalen College Oxford, and an Executive Director of N. M. Rothschild, he has written numerous books on free enterprise, democracy and the European Union. The Conservative Member of Parliament for Wokingham, he was formerly Secretary of State for Wales under Prime Minister John Major and, in 1983, served Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as Head of the Downing Street Policy Unit.

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This article gives the views of the author, and not the position of the LSE Brexit blog, nor of the London School of Economics. 

Tim Evans is Professor of Business and Political Economy at Middlesex University London. He is a former President of the Centre for the New Europe in Brussels and in the early 1990s was Head of the Slovak Prime Minster’s Policy Unit in Bratislava.

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