Guest blog by Roberto Amorosino from the World Bank Group, who will be attending our International Organisations Day (IOD) event on Saturday 14 November:

If you have a keen interest for development issues and developing countries, then the World Bank Group could be one of your targets for career opportunities or simply for professional engagement. Either way, what is going to help you to be successful is your ability to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about the work and the challenges of the Bank, especially in your field of interest and expertise. Your résumé, statement of interest and questions should all provide a strong sense of knowledge and understanding of “what’s going on” in the development arena. To make the difference you should also constantly focus on increasing the visibility of your work, regularly sharing information and stories about your experience and accomplishments.

Development professionals rely on contacts, shared knowledge, different perspectives. Social media and blogs are ideal platforms to let your network know about you and your career goals. Social media, blogs, events, publications increase your visibility and knowledge: you automatically join the discussion on the development topic of your interest.

Networking is key, so be creative about it. When appropriate, think of opportunities for your network to see you in action. Invite them to your events, workshops. Ask them to contribute to your initiatives. Give them opportunities to provide you with advice.

The World Bank Group is constantly attracted by young professionals who are able to bring deep and broad technical qualities, who can work well outside their comfort zone, with strong communication, writing and presentation skills and the ability to engage with clients in a team work environment. But above all, your talent should be visible, recognised and knowledgeable.

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