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The LSE Library has over 95 online and terminal based subscriptions, many of which can be useful for your careers research. Our series of blogs will outline some of these subscriptions and how you can make use of them to enhance your applications and interview answers. This first post focuses on using MarketLine Advantage for your careers research.

MarketLine sorts through data and delivers accurate, up to date information on companies, industries and countries across the world. With specialisms in the financial services, professional and technology services, pharmaceuticals and health, transport and logistics, media and communications, environment and waste management services, business and consumer and energy and utilities to name but a few, this resource will help with a huge array of LSE graduate destinations.

MarketLine Advantage website

The top ways MarketLine can help with your careers research

1. View company information

With over 32,000 company profiles, increase your commercial awareness and richness of reasons for wanting to work for an employer by searching for companies you are interested in to find out more about them. Each profile consists of essential information to use in the creation of high quality applications and interviews.

  • Company news – keep up to date with the employer in the news; consider links between what you read and why this motivates you to work for the employer.
  • SWOT analysis – gain an insight into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for specific companies.
  • Major projects and services list – giving you an understanding of the differences between your chosen employer and their competitors, something employers are keen to assess your understanding of.
  • Key competitors – as well as enriching your knowledge of the sector you want to work in, this gives you a list of similar employers you could work for, widening your job search.

2. Industry information

Search by location and industry to discover what’s going on in your jobs market. Find out about the size of the markets and read about future predictions, as well as:

  • Related company list – very useful if you are finding it difficult to identify employers in a sector in a given country.
  • Sector news – again, improving your commercial awareness is essential for success in the jobs market place and this feature pulls together recent industry/country knowledge in one place.

3. Financial deals

You can search by deal type (merger, acquisition, IPO, partnership, private equity, etc.), location, and industry to discover the most recent financial deals. Again, a great way to build your sector knowledge, and impress at interview.

For advice on how to effectively and professionally discuss your careers research on your applications or at interview, book a careers appointment via CareerHub.

You can access MarketLine Advantage via the Library’s search function. If you use this subscription for your careers research, please email us at with any feedback you have.