Marc R. Claude (MSc Political Science and Political Economy) shares his insights into how you can make the most of your master’s degree and time at LSE:

There you are: you’ve got into the LSE. Congratulations; that is absolutely fantastic! Now, you might be wondering how to make the most of your time here. Therefore, here are my two cents for you to enhance your personal development, your global connections and your career prospects.


Learn from the best and the brightest

At this point, you have realised that many LSE professors are leading figures in their field. You may also discover that most of your classmates have impressive backgrounds – they will surely go on to do incredible things. Thus, make it a point of learning from your faculties and your peers alike. Moreover, you should plan to attend the LSE public events. This prestigious programme bring global shapers on campus. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to meet the world’s finest minds – from Amartya Sen to Joseph Stiglitz, from Malala Yousef to Raj Chetty. These lectures are real eye-openers.

Experience London’s vibrant diversity

As a global capital, London is truly cosmopolitan, with LSE being centrally located in the city – a sweet spot for networking. Notably, the school is one of the most international higher education institutions in the world, with 70% of its student body hailing from 140 countries. As a result, you’re pushed out of your comfort zone to make friends and lasting connections. Make sure to go to ‘meet and greet’ events. Your classmates could soon become your favourite teachers or experts on international relations!


Strike the right balance between work and fun

While getting your priorities straight, make sure to allocate time to study and to relax. Besides your study schedule, you should set time for sightseeing, physical exercise, or volunteering, among others. Not only will these extracurricular activities contribute to your well-being, but also they will have ripple effects. For instance, volunteering took me to Scotland for contributions resulting in gratifying experiences. In fact, volunteering will increase your sense of belonging to the LSE.


Finally, be forward-looking

Consider tailoring your coursework to your career plans. As part of a Development Management elective course, my classmates and I did a consultancy project for a Development Bank based in Washington D.C. I went on to do some work for a consulting firm on a related project. Moreover, I have volunteered to review prospective students’ applications to top-tier universities. With some contemporaries, I will soon launch a consulting group offering coaching services to international scholarship applicants. All in all, the crux of the matter is to leverage you MSc to fulfil your dreams while making a difference in others’ lives.