Four things you can do now…

1. Make a plan to build your research profile

  • what, where and when to publish
  • which conferences to attend and when
  • learned societies or associations to join

2. Review your teaching experience

  • Do you have a range?
  • Have you had some training, or are you working towards the PGCert?

3. Public engagement

  • Where have you done this and how can you get some more
  • Outside academia who knows about your work?

4. Service to the department or institution

  • What additional roles or responsibilities have you taken?
  • Is there anything else you need to do to show you will be an excellent colleague?

We covered these topics last week at one of our events where David Hope, who submitted his PhD in September, talked through his approach to securing a research post at LSE and his plans to build his career. The slides from this event are available on CareerHub.

A strategic approach might help you feel more secure in your plans. If you need to talk this through, please book an appointment with Catherine Reynolds, our PhD Careers Consultant.