We asked undergraduates who used our service last year to tell us how we helped them with their career – whether it was finding a job or just understanding what careers are available for them when they graduate. You can find out more about everything we offer on our website.

Catrina, 2nd year BA History

Catrina had an appointment with LSE Careers after hearing about us through the disability service at LSE.

1. What did you expect when you used LSE Careers?

To be helped to understand what direction I was going in and what options I have moving forward.

2. How did our services meet your expectations?

My careers adviser, Viki, is great. She really took the time out to talk through all my options with me and work out the feasible route for now. She also gave me good online resources and opened my ideas up to different paths I wouldn’t have thought about.

3. Were there any other outcomes? (eg. knowing more about what kind of job you’d like, having more confidence at an interview, or even a job/internship offer)

I had more confidence in an internship I had, and felt more at ease with not knowing where I wanted to go at first.

4. Any advice you’d give to other undergraduates reading this?

Don’t worry if you don’t have anything planned out, you’ll waste your time worrying when you could be trying out different things. Be open to all opportunities.

5. Anything else you’d like us to know?

Viki is great!

If you have any questions about what LSE Careers can do for you, or if you’d like to be featured in this series of blogs too, email us at careers@lse.ac.uk. If you’d like to speak to our careers consultant for disabled students, Viki Chinn, please email careers.disability@lse.ac.uk.