Hello and a really, really warm welcome from Team Generate! We are super excited to meet the new LSE cohort and introduce you to the Generate family, catch up with current students and bring lots of alumni back into the fold – it’s wonderful to have you all on board and we cannot wait to show off our brand new Generate programme for 2017/18 to you. We’ve been asked to give you a sneak preview of some of what we have on offer for you as you continue (or just begin!) your entrepreneurial journey, so as you’re here, let’s have a peek of what is to come over the next year:

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

True story! For the last six years we have been running our flagship masterclasses – a series of talks that look at the business basics from creating a winning pitch deck, to branding your startup and scaling it. We bring in top-notch experts who lead the sessions and answer your questions on each week’s theme.  This year, we will be offering a LinkedIn Certification for students that sign up and attend the entire series, taking place every Wednesday 3-5pm here on LSE campus.

Much Ado about Mentors!

This was the title in an article of a recent Harvard Business review that explored how impactful a relationship with a mentor was when starting and growing a business. Let’s face it, mentoring isn’t a new thing: people have been coached since the dawn of time. It’s just that in recent years entrepreneurs have noted the tangible progress that can be made, on top of funding, hard work and grit, when working alongside someone in the know. We’ve witnessed first-hand how students business have catapulted forward with the help of an entrepreneurial expert so we’ve teamed up with Gettwoit who have designed an app that can match you up with a suitable mentor. Whether it’s to gain insights into the world of startups, seek out some possible funding, or bash out some ideas with alumni who have ‘been there’, feel free to pop onto the apple store and download the Gettwoit app today!

Everyone loves an argument!

What we most enjoy about working with you guys is the passion that you display when it comes to talking about entrepreneurship. It might be about your latest prototype, an inspirational podcast you’ve heard or a new lead for funding; what is evident is the amount you care about what you are doing.  Which means whenever we hold a debate, you can guarantee it’ll be a feisty one! This term we are going to exploring the impact that Brexit may have on the way entrepreneurs conduct business, and discussing whether algorithms can be biased? We’ll have a panel of experts fighting their corner and opening the debate up to the floor and to our Twitter audience.

Solve the world’s problems in 24 hours

Fact. We’ll be hosting another Social Storm event this year, our annual inter-university hackathon that aims to solve social problems through innovation. We’ll be inviting 20 students to form teams across the world, and for 24 hours work together to tackle global problems, fuelled by coffee, pizza and a desire to contribute to a better tomorrow. What’s not to love?!

Welcome to the world of webinars!

Another new addition to the Generate programme is our series of webinars exploring a range of topics relating to the startup world. This term we will be looking at innovation in China, group dynamics, and building technology ventures. So, if you’re interested in deepening your understanding on a range of entrepreneurial subjects but can’t reach us on campus, then look out for our virtual learning platform via Twitter and CareerHub – there’ll be a chance to interact with the speakers too! E-see you soon!

And that’s just the beginning – with the demand for entrepreneurial support at an all-time high we have put together what we hope is an exciting, inspirational and really useful set of events and support networks that will help accelerate your business ideas and lead to a satisfying career adventure ahead.  We hope that you’ll join us on the journey!

To book onto any events, keep your eyes on CareerHub where all events will advertised. Alternatively, feel free to email us at careers.generate@lse.ac.uk. We’ll be at the Welcome Fair too so pop by and say hi!