Lots of students across the school volunteer in their spare time. Our Student Volunteering Ambassador, Jennifer, has been talking to her fellow peers in LSE Law Department in the run up to Student Volunteering Week. From this she found out that lots of law students were also volunteering, and not just in pro-bono work! Here’s some amazing quotes, and next week we’ll have some brilliant blogs from them too.

Volunteering at the Toynbee Hall has made my university much more interesting. It is enjoyable to meeting clients and apply the legal knowledge to solve their problems. It allows me to think of law from a different perspective because it reminds of the importance of humanity.
Olivia Lim (LLB, 2020)


I started volunteering with Brightside Mentors during Michaelmas Term. This opportunity allows me to give both academic & career advice to underprivileged secondary school students, supporting their pathway to university. It’s amazing how volunteering has changed my perception of education inequality; it is a constant reminder of how much work there still is before we can reach a truly equitable playing field.
Debra Lim (LLB, 2021)


Working with Speed Volunteering to make cards for disabled children has made me feel connected to people that I have never met. It has made me feel like an active member of a greater community and has strengthened my bond with other human beings.
Mishal Maan (LLB 2020)


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