During the year, the LSE Volunteer Centre runs a one-off volunteering programme, which allows students to volunteer who might not have a lot of time or want to try it for the first time! Samantha (Msc Accounting and Finance, 2019) joined us at Ham House to help wrap up gifts for the local primary school children. Read on to hear about her festive experience…

I signed up for the Ham House one-off volunteering event (The Big Wrap: wrap Christmas gifts for the National Trust) because I wanted to give my time to a worthy cause and the opportunity was Christmas themed, one of my favourite times of the year. I have joyful memories of Christmas so I wanted to help wrap up presents for kids who visited Santa’s Grotto at  Ham House and help make a small contribution to their Christmas experience.

When I was volunteering I felt happy because I was able to make an impact and I enjoyed the experience. My highlight was meeting new people who had a different perspective of Christmas due to their different culture, religion, nationality etc. The volunteering session was a useful experience because I was able to understand different perspectives, meet new people and have some fun. This volunteering opportunity was far from being a boring experience as I made a positive impact and took away some happy memories.

I am 100% certain I will volunteer again. For the past 5 years I have volunteered each November for the Poppy Appeal in my local community. I enjoy volunteering for different events because you meet new people, enjoy the experience and give back to worthy causes.

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