If you’re going to a careers event where you’ll be meeting employers and company representatives then preparation is essential to help you make the most of it. The company representatives will be meeting a huge number of students like you, so if you want to learn the most relevant information from them then make sure you know how to approach the event. Below are eight things that you should do to prepare for our events:


1. Read the event description

This may seem obvious, but is so often overlooked. Make sure that you know what to expect from an event before you go to it. The event description will tell you exactly what you need to know including which students it will be most relevant for and what, if anything, you need to bring with you.


2. Research the companies attending

If you’re going to an event to meet representatives from employers, make sure you research the companies you’re interested in before the event. These representatives will not want to answer queries that can be easily found out on the company website, so don’t waste their time and your time by not knowing the basics about a company before meeting them.


3. Attend pre-fair seminars if appropriate

Pre-fair seminars can act as a crash course for what you need to do when you attend one of our fairs. Our International Organisations Day event also has a dedicated preparation seminar 31 October.


4. Prepare questions

Put together a set of interesting questions to ask when you meet the company representatives. If you’ve researched the companies then you should have a good idea of what you want to know about them and its recruitment processes. If you have several questions prepared you will be able to get the exact information you need, and you will appear organised and professional to the representatives.


5. Plan your goals

What do you want to get out of the careers event? Do you want to know more information about a certain company or sector? Do you want to network with company representatives, relevant alumni, and/or students with similar career interests as you? Make sure your reasons for attending the event are appropriate to the event, and then manage your goals for attending accordingly.


6. Iron your clothes

This extends to more than just ironing your clothes. Make sure that you look presentable and smart, particularly if you’re meeting employers and especially if you’re going to the Banking or Law fairs. The dress code for our events is generally smart casual, so make sure you’re not wearing ripped jeans or old trainers as you may get turned away.


7. Take a notebook

You’re not going to remember everything you’re told. At all of our events you will be given a huge amount of information, so it’s important that you make sure you write down what is most important to you to remember those key details.

Further to this, if you meet a recruiter that you especially get on with, make sure that you take their business card. LSE Careers is unable to give out the names of people who attend our events for data protection reasons, so make sure that you have their name written somewhere so that you can follow up with them.


8. Practise your introduction

When you first meet a company representative, this is the first impression that you’ll make to the company as a potential employee. While most companies do not attend events to specifically recruit, representatives may give you their card or take your CV if you impress them enough. Practise how you first introduce yourself, and hopefully you’ll make a great impression that will help you on your way to a job.