Every year we work with a group of students who are passionate about volunteering and who also want to inspire the rest of the student body to volunteer. They’ll be sharing their amazing volunteering experiences through blogs, Instagram and face-to-face on stalls with us. So without further-ado, we’d like to hand over to our Student Volunteering Ambassadors to introduce themselves…

Sewon, second year International Relations
Hi guys! My name is Sewon, and I’m one of the student volunteering ambassadors for 2019/2020. I applied to this scheme as volunteering has always been my passion. I believe that the scale of a volunteering activity doesn’t matter, and that’s the key message that I want to get across while working as a student volunteering ambassador this academic year. My volunteering experience goes to prove this; I’ve volunteered to paint the walls of a church for three hours, mentored two middle school students for a month, and organised a large-scale fundraising event that lasted for two years. Volunteering seems like it always has to be a grand thing, but I genuinely believe that both small and ambitious actions count! I hope I could help LSE students feel less intimated to volunteer, and I’m looking forward to seeing all of you guys on campus.

Ismat, second year PPE
Hey everyone! The name is Ismat and I’m a second year student reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Guess you can tell by the adjacent picture that I’m your new student volunteering ambassador – and what an honour it is! I look forward to meeting all of you and working together on a plethora of projects and activities. Knowing that we’re all tied by the common bond of wanting to do more, for the people who have less is an empowering prospect. All in all, I’m absolutely excited on what the future holds with this team, and what you can do for the greater good. Let’s go!

Crystal, third year Philosophy and Economics

Hey everyone! I’m Crystal, a third year Philosophy and Economics student. I can definitely appreciate that studying at LSE is a busy and stressful experience. I believe this is why LSE students benefit so much from volunteering. Volunteering is a such a good way to have a break from studying, whilst doing something fulfilling, gaining new skills and meeting new people at the same time. I am hoping to get more LSE students involved in environmental/sustainability volunteering projects. Let me know if you have any ideas

Joshua, second year Accounting and Finance
Hey! Volunteering during my first year was a great way to get outside of myself and escape the business and intensity of LSE Life. Volunteering has been extremely useful to me when applying for jobs and meeting new people I never would’ve otherwise encountered. I became a volunteering ambassador to give LSE students the oppurtunity to escape the stress of LSE life and develop themselves in the process. I’m really involved and active within the ACS society and work at the British Museum !

Aaina, second year International RelationsHi, I’m Aaina – A Second Year International Relations Student! I applied to become a Student Volunteering Ambassador because I feel that volunteering is a very important activity, that allows for both personal development as well as helping others. Volunteering can include a lot of different tasks and believe that there is a role for everyone if you are willing to get involved!


Jennifer, third year Law
It is pleasure to be a Student Volunteer Ambassador for another year! I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work closely with the Volunteer Centre staff, and see their dedication, commitment, and ambition. As a third year law student, I want to continue my engagement with law students and their volunteering experiences – to hear their opinions and celebrate their achievements. To help foster a positively-driven environment amongst the challenge. Please contact me, if you would like to share your volunteering experience.
This year I want to celebrate International Women’s Day by collaborating with female-led charities and charities dedicated to helping women. So if you’re interested, please get in touch. I am always open to your ideas and thoughts, so please reach out!

Ravneet, second year Law
Hi! My name is Ravneet and I’m a second year law student here at LSE and, more recently, a student volunteering ambassador. I am passionate about two things- that anything worthwhile happens in the Centre Building (that is where the picture was taken) and that volunteering is one of the most fulfilling things you can do as a student. With an LSE sized schedule, time to volunteer might not be easy to find but it can be made- it is good for the soul and even better for society and I think that it makes that transition from school to university just that little bit easier. As one of your ambassadors for your year,  I look forward to promoting an activity that I find joy in and hope that it has the same impact in your life as it has had in mine.

Stanley, first year Economics
Hey! Impacting communities in a positive way has always been a big part of my life. In high school, I engaged in numerous community service projects, including founding my own organization that fights plastic pollution. Coming into LSE, I want to continue to effect change to communities and people around me. As a student volunteer ambassador, I’m very excited to play my part in making our community a better place and inspire other to do the same.

Jessica, first year Mathematics and Economics
Hi I am Jessica! I have been an active volunteer in the past and I was amazed to see the volunteering options available at LSE. LSE Volunteering Centre has a lot of opportunities for students to get involved in volunteering. The best part about volunteering for me is getting the opportunity to make someone happy or transforming a person’s life. And anyone can take part in volunteering activities. As the volunteering ambassador, I would love to help everyone be a part of this community and bring about change in our society. I am extremely excited for what is ahead of me and I want to embark on this journey with as many people as possible.

Kate, Masters of Environmental Economics and Climate Change
Hey everyone! My name is Kate and I have been volunteering for many years now, especially focusing on international volunteering, if you would love to know more and have a chat about that please feel free to reach to me. Volunteering is a hugely valuable and rewarding experience for the volunteers and the communities they supported. It connects you with like-minded, inspirational people, gives you the drive and helps to distress. Volunteering Centre offers amazing one-off opportunities recognizing the busy life the students at the LSE have, go check them out!”

Fatima, first year BSc Economics
Hi! My name’s Fatima, I’m from Senegal and I’m a first year BSc Economics student here at LSE. I’ve been volunteering since I was a child and I believe it should be an integral part of students’ experience! There’s this widespread misconception that volunteering is time-consuming and will get in the way of your work/studies when it’s really not the case. Volunteering can actually be very flexible and will provide you with unique skills that will be useful no matter what career path you choose. Moreover, doing good is good for you! Life at LSE can be quite fast-paced and daunting to say the least, and it’s always good to take a break from that all while creating positive change in our community. So what’s your excuse?

Lauren, Masters in Management 
Hey! My name is Lauren, I’m a Masters student studying Management. I couldn’t think of a better way to get involved with my school and my community than by becoming a Volunteer Ambassador with the Volunteer Centre… I’ve already met some amazing people and can’t wait to start volunteering with them. I hope I can encourage my classmates to do the same and help anyone who’s keen to experience new challenges, have some stress-free fun and give back to our community!


Krish, Masters of International Health Policy
Hello! I’m Krish, a returning student volunteering ambassador, for the LSE Volunteer Centre this year and I wanna take this time to introduce myself! I’m currently studying my second masters in MSc in International Health Policy and have just completed an MSc  in Development Studies here at the LSE. I talk A LOT and I’m v approachable so if you see me on campus don’t be afraid to ask me anything about volunteering. Let’s see, what else? I love dogs and the Chili Peppers and trap and my end goal in life is to make this world a little better (and win 2 Nobel prizes)!

Maelys, second year BSc Management
Hey everyone, returning volunteering ambassador here ! In my first year, the Volunteer Centre provided me support and guidance not only concerning charity work but also how to find my place at LSE. I am glad to be part of it for another year 🙂I am French and studying management (what did you expect?). I am deeply interested in educational and environmental questions. Don’t hesitate to dm me (@maelys_hhg) or catch me on campus if I can help you with anything x

Annie, third year BA Social Anthropology
My name is Annie and I’m a third year Social Anthropology student. Volunteering has provided me with a great opportunity to connect with my local community – I now feel like a real Londoner.




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