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Using LinkedIn in your job search

We recently ran a workshop giving practical advice on how to make the most of LinkedIn. Below are our key takeaways from the session but if you’re looking for more information then keep checking CareerHub for upcoming sessions and/or book some time in with a careers consultant to get some support and advice. LinkedIn is fast becoming, if not already, […]


How to use LinkedIn to full effect

Many of us have a LinkedIn profile but are you using it to its full capacity in your job search? Here are a few simple tips to get you started:

Your profile

Your LinkedIn profile is like your CV that never sleeps so keep it up to date so employers and recruiters can easily find you! You can claim your […]


Top tips for LinkedIn success

LinkedIn is a great resource for careers-related information, and can be a great way to keep in touch with recruiters or people you meet at networking events. To maximise its potential, you should make sure that your profile is professional and up to date, and that you’re using its features effectively. Have a look at our list of the top […]


LinkedIn tips for career changers

There are now over 460 million people based all over the world registered on LinkedIn, making it an incredibly powerful resource for any career changer. It’s worth considering carefully how its various features can help you navigate the process of securing a successful transition.

In the first instance, it’s as a research tool that LinkedIn will support your efforts, to […]


Making the move from corporate to not-for-profit work

Studying for an LSE degree, MSc or PhD can be a transformational process. This is particularly true for our postgrads who have selected their particular master’s as a catalyst to change career direction towards the not-for-profit sector. When considering such a move it can helpful to think about it as a campaign rather than a simple transactional switch. There […]


Options to find work over the summer

With over 100 days in between the end of Summer Term and the start of Michaelmas Term, there are a huge variety of experiences available that are both fun and flexible and will help boost your CV.

Check CareerHub

There are hundreds of opportunities that employers have advertised on CareerHub. You can search through the ‘Opportunities’ bar on the home […]


Working in Technology and Digital Media

Lauren Maffeo (MSc ’12) has reported on and worked within the global technology sector. Born and raised in the US, she started her career as a freelance journalist covering tech trends for The Guardian and The Next Web from London. Today, Lauren works as an associate principal analyst at GetApp, where she covers the impact of emerging tech like […]


How to succeed in your first job: part one

If you have secured a job offer then chances are you will be feeling a combination of excitement and trepidation about starting your new role.

Firstly, congratulations on getting the job! Secondly, don’t panic and see our tips below on how to make a great start at work:
Start before you start
Remember to thank anyone in your network that might have […]


Making the most of your internship

With many of you having just started your first internship or formal work experience, or about to, we thought it would be useful to share our top 10 tips for making the most of this experience and ways to make sure that you are remembered for all the right reasons.

1. Set yourself some goals
Whether it’s learning some new skills, […]


What to do if you don’t know what to do

As an LSE student you might be familiar with hearing about the career plans of your friends and those on your course who seem to know what they want to do following their degree. They might even have a job lined up for after graduation and their next three years planned out. So if you don’t, you might be […]


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