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Insider tips – how to network

Guest blog from Farrah Ekeroth, working for professional services firm EY (Ernst & Young):
For many students and recent graduates entering the world of work, networking can be a daunting thing. There’s a tendency to view it as a one-off activity, where business cards are exchanged and hands are shaken. In reality, it’s actually something we already do, every day, […]

16 February 2016|Career planning|1 Comment|

Insider tips – startup survival guide

Guest blog by LSE alumna Diana Isac, co-founder and CEO of Winerist. She will be appearing on Generate’s food and drinks industry panel on Friday 26 February; come along if you’re interested in learning more about entrepreneurship in this area!
I knew so much less about myself and about business when Winerist launched three years ago. Although I had quit […]


Insider tips – working with big data

Guest blog by Oliver Walker, Head of Conversion Rate Optimisation at Periscopix:
I finished my undergraduate degree in Psychology without much of a clue with what to do next. However, with a keen interest in understanding why people behave the way they do, I completed a master’s in Consumer Psychology and Business, with a focus on the effects of advertising […]

4 February 2016|LSE Careers|0 Comments|

Qualifying as a notary

Guest blog by Iain Rogers from The Notaries Society:
When thinking about a career in the law, not many people consider qualifying as a notary, not at first anyway. This blog explains how and why you can qualify as a notary.
What it involves
The work of a notary is based on the authentication of documents and deeds so that they may be […]


How to overcome obstacles in your career

Guest blog by LSE alumna Anazia Braganza:
Upon graduating from LSE, I was fearful like many of not having a job offer already. In a slight panic I scrolled through job openings and found one that seemed relatively interesting at an advertising agency. Before I knew it I was interviewing there and had secured a graduate offer at this prestigious […]

27 January 2016|LSE Careers|0 Comments|

LSE graduate profile and advice for current students

Guest blog by LSE alumna Beth Lowell:

How did choose your career?
As is the case for many people, I chose my career by following one interesting experience to the next. After university I spent two years working at the documentary news series Frontline. That experience solidified my interest in politics and communication and led me to my graduate degree at […]


Insider tips – how to succeed at assessment centres

Guest blog by Michael Seal who secured a place on the Teach First Leadership Development Programme for when he graduated from LSE this year:
First, if you’ve already made it to an assessment centre, congratulations! You’ve clearly impressed the employer and should take pride in making it this far.

All assessment centres are different, and often require different specialist tasks that are […]


Insider tips – becoming a barrister

Junior commercial-chancery barrister Timothy Sherwin tells us about day-to-day life at the Bar, and provides some tips for want-to-be barristers.

What I do
I am a “commercial-chancery barrister”. What that means is that I provide advisory and advocacy services to a huge range of businesses and private clients. All my work is connected to litigation, so my focus is on disputes […]

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    Getting started in your career in Development – common sense advice from LSE alumni

Getting started in your career in Development – common sense advice from LSE alumni

One of the main questions people looking to get into a particular career area is ‘How do I get started’?  Of course there are so many answers to this question, depending on the sector and career area you are wanting to move into. However, whatever career you are thinking about, one of the first things a Careers Consultant would […]


Insider tips – how to master presentations

Guest blog by Jenny Kantarovski, Senior Graduate Recruiter at Accenture:
Chances are at one stage or another you will be tasked with delivering a presentation. It could be for a project at university, for a client at work, or it could form part of an assessment centre for a graduate/internship position. Regardless of the context, presenting is a key skill […]

14 January 2016|LSE Careers|2 Comments|

Insider tips – working in banking

Guest blog by LSE alumna Sanya Ahmed (Philosophy and Economics) who now works for BNP Paribas as a Financials Sector Specialist:

My day-to-day role
I come in anytime between 6:15am and 6:30 and check the morning and overnight news on my sector and post any relevant news on a chat with the traders in a summary form. Traders by nature (sorry […]


Insider tips – getting into banking

Guest blog by LSE alumna Sobia Shaikh who now works for RBS Corporate and Institutional Banking:
I studied Economics at LSE because I had a genuine passion for the subject matter and its relevance to everyday life. I hadn’t really planned what I wanted to do once I had finished university, but towards the end of my first term at […]


Working in consultancy – insider tips from an LSE alum

Guest blog by LSE alumna Maria on what it’s like to work as a consultant:
In the last five years I’ve changed jobs within the consultancy sector twice: first to move to another country and secondly to move to another city. I have spent hours in preparations, have seen many meeting rooms and have had quite a few telephone calls. […]


How to successfully connect with The World Bank Group

Guest blog by Roberto Amorosino from the World Bank Group, who will be attending our International Organisations Day (IOD) event on Saturday 14 November:
If you have a keen interest for development issues and developing countries, then the World Bank Group could be one of your targets for career opportunities or simply for professional engagement. Either way, what is going […]

9 November 2015|LSE Careers|0 Comments|

LGBT+ and the workplace

Guest blog by Lauren Peel, who works for insurance company Aviva:

With the end of my three years of university in sight, the agonising quest of securing a place on a graduate programme occupied a huge amount of my time. There was the applications, the interview preparation, the waiting in fact, a lot of waiting – but there was another concern […]

5 November 2015|LSE Careers|0 Comments|

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