Blog posts with information on studying and working in the USA. For more information, please see our USA careers profile.

How to get your volunteering started

People often talk about why they volunteer. From benefiting communities and making a positive change, to finding new friends and developing skills: everyone has their own reasons why volunteering is for them, and all are valid. We talk a lot about the benefits of volunteering but often less about the how. Maybe you have decided you’d like to volunteer but are not […]


So you want to study in the USA?

If you’re thinking about continuing your studies – or indeed returning to academia – at postgraduate level, you might be considering the USA as an option. Here are some key tips to keep in mind as you start researching courses, supervisors, institutions and locations.

Reputation, reputation, reputation. 
From the World University Rankings by Times Higher Education and the QS World Rankings to a host of […]


Tips on securing a job in the USA from an LSE alum

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American students! Here LSE alum Lauren Maffeo (MSc Gender, Media and Culture), who is now Content Editor for, shares some insights about her job search process as an American student at LSE:

What was the process like of finding a job for you back home in the US once you finished at LSE?

I lived and […]


Writing resumes for roles in North America

If you’re applying for roles in North America, chances are you’ll need to tailor your CV – or resume as it’s also known – to fit your audience, as there can be some significant differences between the UK or European models and those across the Atlantic.
One page or two?
Standard North American resumes are just one page long – anything […]


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