Examiners vet primary school test papers for signs of race and gender discrimination, student who racially abused Stan Collymore is spared jail, Welsh Football Association becomes Stonewall Diversity Champion, Tom Hanks banned ‘a racist’ for sharing stage with ‘blacked-up’ man and Nike’s ‘black and tan’ trainers get the thumbs down from Irish community.

Hugh Muir, in his ‘Hideously Diverse Britain’ series, has commented on the Daily Telegraph report which revealed that examiners were closely vetting primary school test papers to ensure they did not “discriminate against children on the grounds of race and gender”.

The student who racially abused footballer Stan Collymore on Twitter has been spared jail. Since the incident, Collymore has become an active campaigner in raising awareness of racist remarks on Twitter and urging users to contact police if they come across “Twacists”.

Continuing with the subject of sport, The Football Association of Wales joined the fight against homophobia by becoming Stonewall Diversity Champions for gay rights charity Stonewall Cymru.

Across the pond, Hollywood film star Tom Hanks has been asked to account for sharing a stage with a ‘blacked-up’ man. The highly acclaimed actor was filmed taking part in a sketch during a fundraiser at his son’s school in 2004. Many critics stressed that he should be removed from the campaign video aimed at aiding President Obama’s re-election.

Finally, Nike’s ‘Black and Tan’ trainers have failed to impress revellers at this year’s celebrations for St Patrick’s Day. Protesters stressed that naming the trainers after a violent British paramilitary unit that terrorised the Irish Community was distasteful. Nike has since apologised.

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