Employers may discriminate against autism without realising

Employers often think they’re communicating well, but they use ‘neurotypical’ standards of interacting, writes Brett Heasman

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how people connect and relate to others and also how they experience the world around them.

Most non-autistic people are not aware of the complex ways in which autistic people* experience the world and are not adequately prepared […]

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    Interview with Julia Gillard: It is in everybody’s interest to make sure that we are educating every child

Interview with Julia Gillard: It is in everybody’s interest to make sure that we are educating every child

The world’s children must be equipped to meet the challenges of our globalised world – irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, or location – argues Julia Gillard. She talks to Artemis Photiadou about the vital work of the Global Partnership for Education, and its impact in improving the lives of millions of children in the developing world.

Could you explain how […]

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    National Self-Injury Awareness Day: Social justice, user-led interventions and challenging stigma

National Self-Injury Awareness Day: Social justice, user-led interventions and challenging stigma

On National Self-Injury Awareness Day, observed on Wednesday March 1, Kay Inckle highlights aspects of self-injury and argues that unlike the commonly held notion, this is not a personal pathology, but the desire to harm oneself is socially driven. She calls for the need to understand the root causes of this and shares with us information of various institutions […]

Adult Learners’ Week and drop-in Learning Cafe at LSE

18 to 24 May is Adult Learners’ Week. At LSE, there is a range of events and activities throughout the week, including the drop-in Learning Cafe on 23 May (Thursday) between 3 and 4.30 pm. It’s a fantastic opportunity to find out what the School has on offer and to motivate yourself to go on that course that you have been thinking about!

Balancing work and being the carer of an adult: workshop for LSE staff

Working Families will be delivering an interactive workshop at LSE on balancing work while being the carer of an adult. The workshop will take place on Friday 22 June from 12.30-2 pm and a sandwich lunch will be provided. Book your place now at or email

Speaking for ourselves: Oral history interviews of people with cerebral palsy

The disability charity ‘Scope’ has produced a video of oral history interviews of people with cerebral palsy. The video is part of a project entitled ‘Speaking for Ourselves’ which recorded life stories of people over 50 years of age with cerebral palsy. In the video, these people recall what it was like to have cerebral palsy ‘back in the day’ and the attitude of doctors, their peers and families towards them.

Picturing life as a young carer in Africa

These images featured in the ‘Picturing life as a young carer in Africa’ exhibition at LSE. These photographs and drawings have been created by young carers from two communities of rural Kenya and Zimbabwe, they focus on the challenges young caregivers face and the strategies and resources they employ to cope.

Government’s bonfire of carers’ rights

13-20 June 2011 is Carers’ Week in the UK. It is marked to recognise and celebrate the contribution of UK’s 6 million carers, who often go unnoticed. Amy Watson of Women’s Budget Group takes this opportunity to reflect on how much the government is doing to protect carers. She highlights the unpaid contribution of carers in the UK (many of whom are women) and the effect of public spending cuts and other government policies on the rights and income of carers.

Celebrating Adult Learners’ Week…with Konni Deppe

Adult Learners’ Week celebrates learning and learners in all their diversity, inspiring thousands of people each May to try something new. To mark Adult Leaners’ Week 2011 (14-20 May), we got Konni Deppe to talk about her lifelong passion for music, her stint as a ‘singing chef’ and how she believes learning never stops!

Adult Learners’ Week: Celebrate with EMBRACE!

EMBRACE, the School’s black and ethnic minority staff network, is organising two events to celebrate Adult Learners’ Week (14-20 May) – a Chocolate Master class and Tasting and a Black History Tour. To find out more about the events, please read the blog. To attend these events, please mail, places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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