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The Field Research Method Lab welcomes new contributions from both established and early career researchers to share their hands-on fieldwork experiences.

The blog has already featured a number of exciting experiences that cover field research across the world associated with topics such as forced eviction and domicide, fieldwork under surveillance, gendered experience of migrant workers, urban redevelopment and neighbourhood changes, migrants from Taiwan and Malaysia, musical practices of ethnic minorities in urban and rural China, and many more.

We are happy to receive initial enquiries about whether an idea or angle is suitable for the Lab, these should be sent to the Editor, Prof Hyun Bang Shin (e-mail: h.b.shin[at]

If you already have something more or less complete that you would like us to consider (1000-1500 words is the typical length), please submit your blog to to the Editorial Manager, Dr Do Young Oh (e-mail: d.oh[at], ensuring that you include the following:

  • main text in MS Word;
  • a brief bio of yours (50-100 words);
  • a short blurb that sums up your blog (50-100 words);
  • a profile picture of yours to go with your bio (not mandatory)
  • photographs from the field

When submitting photographs, please ensure that you own copyright of the photographs and indicate this clearly in photograph captions (e.g., Photograph taken by the author in 2020). Any academic references are to use the Harvard style.