In the run up to launching a Guide to Academic Tweeting, we asked you to recommend your favourite academics on Twitter. Over the last week we received over 500 suggestions across all the major subject areas, and discovered  some great new Tweeting gems with your help. Here we present all the suggestions, broken down into five subject area lists. Please feel free to share with anybody new to Twitter, and have a browse to see if you can find your new favourite academic tweeter.

Thank you to everybody who suggested their favourite academics on Twitter following the invitation on the blog last week. The responses we received were very positive and we were rather overwhelmed, but ultimately excited that a useful resource was being created by so many people.

In an attempt to turn the list into useful resources, we have separated the users into five subject areas, based on their research areas. Academics, researchers and experts in their fields have all been suggested, but let us know if you’d like to suggest somebody new.

See the Social Sciences list on Twitter
The Social Sciences list features researchers and academics who work in anthropology, economics, geography, law, political science, and sociology. It is the longest list, with over 150 suggestions.

See the Arts and Humanities list on Twitter
As the second largest list, the Arts and Humanities contributions cover academics and researchers who are interested in history, languages, literature, philosophy, and music.

See the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics list on Twitter
The suggestions for STEM subject academics revealed some very prolific Tweeters, although we are a little short on the Mathematics front. If you have any more suggestions that you’d like to see on the list then do recommend your favourites.

See the Media and Journalism list on Twitter
Academics working on media and news projects are all covered by this list, and again if you’d like to recommend academics and researchers who would fall in to this category then do send us a tweet.

See the Higher Education and Learning list on Twitter
This list covers professionals who tweet on higher education issues, as well as those who are interested in e-learning and educational technology. The aim of this list is to bring together field-specific news and technology updates, with around 50 specialists in the field.

See the Business and Management list on Twitter
This list covers academics working in business and management, from all over the world.


See the Think Tanks list on Twitter
The think tanks list is a collection of UK based think tanks and intermediaries.

There are a few more people that we will be adding throughout the coming days as we make sure that we’ve included all the suggestions. You can send feedback and more suggestions to the team via

See more and download the Guide to Academic Tweeting.

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