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    Welcome Week: From being lost to getting help and enjoying the new student life

Welcome Week: From being lost to getting help and enjoying the new student life

Welcome week is the week in which new students usually first arrive on campus and receive the initial information regarding their studies here. Naturally, you might feel a bit overwhelmed at the beginning, but do not worry, you are not alone: Former Student Ambassador Mikhael Farr tells you about his experiences of welcome week last year and who he […]

A foodie’s guide to LSE

According to the cliché, the weather in England is bad and the food even worse. In this blog post, Student Ambassador Lucy Lu explains why food in London is far better than its reputation and shares her top tips on where to get the best deals for students!

Greetings offer holders! I’m sure many of you who haven’t been to […]

ID Weekly Spotlight – Meet Sara Cheema

For the last ID Weekly Spotlight of the academic year, Student Ambassador Salena Wang talked to MSc Development Studies student Sara Cheema. Find out more about their conversation here.

What’s your previous education/background before coming to LSE?

Growing up, my family moved around a lot, so I could never really call one place home for too long. The two places […]

How to solve the course selection puzzle

The new academic year is just around the corner, so you may be wondering how to go about choosing your courses. Student Mentorship Ambassador, Unsia Hussain, shares some useful tips and also gives insights into the support she received from academics and study advisers here at LSE.

One of the toughest and confusing decisions to make as an LSE student […]

ID Weekly Spotlight – Meet Jingke Pan

Welcome back to ID’s Weekly Spotlight! For this week, Student Ambassador Salena Wang talked to MSc Development Studies student Jingke Pan. Find out more about their conversation here.

Studying at an internationally leading university like the LSE is an exciting journey, but it can also be quite challenging, especially when the university experience is situated in a different society […]

ID Weekly Spotlight – Meet Kealan Finnegan

For this week’s ID Weekly Spotlight, Student Media Ambassador Salena Wang talked to MSc Development Studies student, Kealan Finnegan. Read about their chat here.

Tell me a bit about yourself and your background.

I was born in Bath and have lived there my whole life up until finishing A-levels, in contrast to many people here at LSE who have moved around […]

ID Weekly Spotlight – Meet Julian Buschmaas

For our ID Weekly Spotlight series, Student Media Ambassador Saddi Basnet talked to Development Management student Julian Buschmaas. Read more about his background and what motivates him in life here.

I grew up in a small university town in Germany called Würzburg. After high school, I took a gap year and spent 7 months working with an NGO in Bolivia […]

London Living on a Budget

Ever wondered what student life is like in London? Student Mentorship Ambassador Natasha Glendening tells us why it’s great to live in London as a student, even when you’re on a small budget.

London was the mystic global city that I day-dreamed about as a teenager, growing up in the middle of the countryside. I dreamed of taking the tube, […]

You know we care…

Health and International Development student and ID Student Ambassador Deepjyot Kaur shared a poem on public sector health insurance schemes with us – have a look at it here.

“Hey there! Do you have money to pay monthly?
We are planning to start an insurance scheme to keep you healthy.”
The farmer hesitated and looked in doubt
“You mean for my family, who […]

London Living: How to Get Around London

Are you getting ready for your Master’s studies at the International Development Department? Student Mentorship Ambassador Ebi Ameli gives you some tips on how to best travel around London and safe money!

Congratulations on your offer once again! As you get ready to move over to the City, this blogpost intends to clarify some of the initial fuzziness about commuting […]