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Welcome to the LSE Department of International Development Blog 

This blog hosts public discussion of issues, research, experiences and free-form thinking about international development issues by staff, students and friends of the Department of International Development at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

This is an initiative of our department and centered on the research and teaching we do, which, as will become clear in the coming weeks and months, are very broad indeed.

What does our department do?

We’re an interdisciplinary department of social scientists who focus on development issues and developing regions.

We bring the insights and methods of anthropology, demography, economics, geography, history, information systems, political science, and sociology to bear on the problems and processes of development.

A special, warm invitation goes out to the several thousand graduates of our department who have fanned out across the world over the years.

When we travel, we’re always delighted to find you doing difficult, sometimes dangerous, always critical work in the farthest reaches of Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania.

If you have fallen out of touch, please let’s reconnect here. We’re eager to include your thoughts and reactions to what’s going on in the developing world, and how it can be done better, on these pages.

Find out how to contribute to the blog here.

The Team

Managing Editor

Dipa Patel ( is Managing Editor of the LSE ID Blog. Contact her to pitch ideas, develop content or with queries relating to the blog’s style guide.

Advisory Committee 

Jean-Paul Faguet LSE Development Management
Professor Jean-Paul Faguet

Dr Elliott Green
Dr Elliott Green

Dr Duncan Green
Dr Duncan Green

Dr Rajesh Venugopal
Dr Rajesh Venugopal

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