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    To Ban or Not to Ban: the politics of African commodity processing promotion

To Ban or Not to Ban: the politics of African commodity processing promotion

African governments aiming to industrialize their economies often revert to export bans on raw commodities to promote processing industries. Intriguingly, these are introduced much more frequently on some processable commodities than others. Based on a recent World Development article, Dr Nicolai Schulz makes the argument that policy-makers avoid imposing export bans on commodities produced by a large share of […]

Botswana – an African economic miracle?

MSc Development Studies alum and PhD Candidate at the Centre of African Economies at Roskilde University, Tobias Wuttke, looks at Botswana as an example of economic success in Africa.  

On the rare occasion that international reporting on Botswana goes beyond the topic of elephants, there is often talk of the African miracle or an African success story. This is based on the […]

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    Perspectives from Africa: facilitating economic development in Nigeria

Perspectives from Africa: facilitating economic development in Nigeria

As part of a series on Development practice in Africa, Temi Phyllis Pratt (MSc Development Management) interviews key African stakeholders working on the continent to drive development across a number of sectors. In this second interview, Dr Amy Jadesimi, CEO of Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics Base (LADOL) discusses the role of the private sector in industrialising Africa and being […]

Who Shall Overcome?: Islamic Extremism in Northern Nigeria

Dr Kate Meagher tells us about Overcoming Boko Haram: Faith, Society and Islamic Radicalization in Northern Nigeria, a book she recently co-edited with the late Abdul Raufu Mustapha, that digs into the underlying causes of violent Islamic radicalisation in Northern Nigeria.

The rise of violent Islamic extremism in West Africa over the past decade took everyone by surprise. Terrorist outbreaks in north-eastern […]

The impact of sustainable finance on the African Continent

Alumn, Sebastian Petric and guest blogger, Merja Laakso, discuss the need to increase finance for clean energy markets on the African continent, and use the example of Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia (BGFZ) as an initiative that addresses this gap. 

Poverty reduction has been one of the key objectives for developing country governments, as well as international development institutions for decades. In this […]

Alcinda Honwana on Youth Politics and Social Movements

MSc Development Management student, Faith Akor, covered the recent guest lecture from Alcinda Honwana, Strategic Director at the Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa, as part of the Cutting Edge Issues in Development Thinking and Practice lecture series. Faith gives her reflections on the lecture and tells us what she took away from the event.
The growing population of youth world over […]

Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s inflation rates continue to grow exponentially year-on-year, as does the distrust over the government’s handling of the situation. Alum, Nathan Hayes, examines what lies ahead for the country. 

Inflation in Zimbabwe has hit 176% year-on-year, up from 98% y-o-y in May. When measured on a month-on-month basis, inflation came in at 39.3% in June. Inflation of more than 50% m-o-m constitutes hyperinflation.

The […]

The role of China in the agricultural sector in Africa

On Monday, 11 February, some of the students of the Department of International Development attended a seminar given by guest lecturer Professor Tang Lixia on the role of China in the agricultural sector in Africa. Read about the seminar here.

In a 90-minute-long conversation, students were able to listen to Professor Tang Lixia’s presentation and ask burning questions on the […]

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    Cutting Edge Issues in Development: Don’t Panic, Prepare – Pathways for Inclusive Growth in the Digital Age

Cutting Edge Issues in Development: Don’t Panic, Prepare – Pathways for Inclusive Growth in the Digital Age

On 16 November, Stefan Dercon from Oxford University gave a lecture on “Pathways for Inclusive Growth in the Digital Age” for the ID Department’s Cutting Edge Issues in Development lecture series. Read about what two of the Department’s students took away from his lecture.

The fourth industrial revolution is the buzz-word of the decade. Here we are, living it, breathing […]

For African governments to intervene is reasonable

Managing Director for Mining Shared Value and department alumnus, Jeff Geipel responds to Peter Leon’s recent editorial for the Financial Times.  

4  September 2018   


Peter Leon’s editorial “African nations must resist siren song of resource nationalism” (August 29) is a very problematic piece that cherry-picks outlier examples to attack what is a completely reasonable trend for African governments to intervene more in the mining sector […]