Student Ambassadors

A section dedicated to content created by our Student Ambassadors

ID Weekly Spotlight – Meet Anna Roberts

Student Media Ambassador Rachel Epstein met International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies student Anna Roberts. Read about their chat here.

Anna and I pop into Paul Café on Kingsway after Professor David Keen’s Friday morning lecture on defining the enemy in a complex emergency. Perhaps a strange way to kick off the weekend, but we settle in to coffees and sandwiches […]

ID Weekly Spotlight – Meet Enrique Forero

This week, the spotlight is on MSc Development Studies student, Enrique Forero. One of the Department’s Media Student Ambassadors, Salena Wang, spoke to him.

I have always been passionate about applied economics, especially in the areas of development, poverty, public policy, trade and innovation. From an early age, I was aware of the socio-economic inequality in Colombia and the gaps […]

Looking back to a trip to Cumberland Lodge

In January, we had our last Cumberland Lodge trip of this academic year. Student Media Ambassadors, Rachel Epstein and Salena Wang, were there and recount the weekend.

We don’t do this sort of thing anymore. It seems the older we get, the more insular we become. Remember the ‘field trip?’ Once a thing of excitement from the days of raucous […]

ID Weekly Spotlight – Meet Glenn S. Norgbey

Glenn S. Norgbey, currently in the MSc in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies programme at LSE, speaks to one of the Department’s Media Student Ambassadors, Innocent Anguyo.

My parents have given me many gifts—from emotional to material—but one has impacted me the most. At a young age, they gifted me the love of reading. Reading exposed my undeveloped mind to […]

ID Weekly Spotlight – Meet Krista Kartson

Once a week until the end of Lent Term, our Media Student Ambassadors will profile a student or member of staff of the Department of International Development on the ID Blog. This week, the spotlight is on Krista Kartson of the MSc Development Management. Read more about her here.

“I grew up with a lot of international influence – my […]

Meet our new Student Ambassadors

These twelve students will support the Department of International Development in the upcoming months in social and community-building activities. Read about their stories here.

Saddi Basnet (Media Ambassador)

“I’m pursuing an MSc in Development Management at LSE. Prior to LSE, I was a Project Manager at Cox Communications in Atlanta, GA leading multi-million-dollar capital projects in the telecommunications industry. Before joining […]

Introducing our new Student Ambassadors programme

We are very happy to announce our new Student Ambassadors programme: From the beginning of Lent Term on, twelve students from the Department of International Development will support the Department in community-building and social activities.

The twelve students, who are all studying towards an MSc within the Department of International Development, will work in three different teams:

Ambassadors in the Team […]