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Dipa Patel

March 8th, 2024

Meet our 2024 Student Ambassadors!

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Dipa Patel

March 8th, 2024

Meet our 2024 Student Ambassadors!

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Meet our new Student Ambassadors: Alexa, Alice, Angela, Dave, Edgar, Farzana, Ika, JoElla, Kohichi, Kristina, Libby, Maddy, Nikhat, Rachelle, Rewa, Ryan, Sofia, and Vladimir who will provide mentorship to incoming students for the new 2024/25 academic year. You can reach out to our Ambassadors via Our email account. To contact an Ambassador directly, please add the Ambassador’s name in the subject of the email:


Full name: Alexa Andanar

Programme: MSc Development Studies

Optional courses taken: DV454: Gender and Labour Markets | DV458: Key Issues in Global Health and Development | DV407: Poverty | DV453: International Development Consultancy

Home country: Philippines

Social: Instagram: alexaandanar

Favourite spot in London: Hyde Park

Bio: Hi, my name is Alexa. I grew up in Manila, Philippines, and spent the past four and a half years living in Boston, MA. I completed my undergraduate degree at Boston University, where I studied International Relations and Public Relations.

What drew me to the Development Studies program is how interdisciplinary it is, allowing students from different academic backgrounds to constantly learn from each other and their viewpoints. Now, I am gradually seeing how the program is tailoring my academic and professional interests toward a specific area of development, which I know will be beneficial in the near future. I have been enjoying my time at LSE and the ID Department in particular – my peers have been very friendly and supportive and my professors have constantly expanded my ways of thinking. There is so much the LSE has to offer, and it’s comforting to know that there is a niche and place for everyone.


Full name: Alice Storniolo

Programme: MSc International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies (Part-time)

Optional courses taken: DV462: Forced Migration and Refugees | DV424: International Institutions and Late Development | EU447: Democracy, Ideology and the European State

Home country: Italy, undergrad at SOAS and I lived in Vancouver, Canada for a year.

Social: Instagram: ali_storniolo

Favourite spot in London: Coal Drops Yard

Bio: Hi everyone! My name is Alice I grew up in Italy in between Rome, Milan and Bergamo. After that, I finished high school in Vancouver, Canada where I lived for a year. Then I moved to London where I started my BA in International Relations at SOAS and I graduated in July 2022. My research interest areas are East Asia and in particular North Korea and refugee-related issues. So far, my experience at LSE has been great! Whilst the program is very demanding, it helped broaden my knowledge and interests both personal and work-related. One of my favourite parts of living in London and attending LSE is its multiculturalism; here you are able to meet people from all over the world and discover new foods and cultures! When I’m not studying, I like to go out with friends to try new food or go to the cinema. I also love to travel and I’m planning a trip to Thailand after handing in my dissertation.


Full name: Angela Salmeron Contreras

Programme: MSc Development Management

Optional courses taken: DV407: Poverty | DV413: Environmental Problems and Development Interventions | MG4J2: Social Business Design

Home country: Spain

Social: LinkedIn

Favourite spot in London: Primrose Hill

Bio: Hi everyone! I was born and raised in Spain but my father is Peruvian. I speak Spanish, English and French. I graduated in 2023 with a Dual Degree in Economics and International Relations in Madrid. Last year before coming to LSE I was living in 3 different countries. I started my adventure by moving to France for an Erasmus programme, and I ended up moving to Austria for an internship at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. While I was there, I decided to continue my internship in Cameroon to gain experience in development projects working from a closer perspective and that is where my curiosity to do a Master’s degree in LSE came in! My interests are focused on climate change adaptation, food security, and agriculture with a focus on building resilience and addressing vulnerability and poverty within local communities. What I like most about LSE and London is the multiculturalism that surrounds you and the opportunities you can have to get to know such diverse cultures and experiences. Outside of school, I love travelling and travel photography. I know how difficult it can be to start in a city from scratch, so please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have, I am here to help you in any way I can!


Full name: Dave G

Programme: MSc Development Management (Part-Time)

Optional courses taken: DV483: ICT & Socio-Economic Development

Favourite spot in London: Greenwich Park

Bio: Hello there, I am Dave, a part-time student studying Development Management (DM). I applied to DM to learn more about the practical side of Development, and the programme has definitely given me such. The Consultancy Project (DV443) has been particularly eye-opening, as it offers first-hand experience in cutting-edge policy research and recommendations (with my topic being AI and Youth Employment). My other modules this year, Development Management (DV431) and ICT of Socio-Economic Development (DV483) are also great for getting an overview of the Development research field and how technology can state-led development.

Outside class, I work full-time in Finance, watch (and if fitness allows, play) football and hunt for the best all-you-can-eat restaurants across London. Do reach out via the ID Mentors email if I can share more about my experience at the LSE. Good luck with your journey and hope I can help!


Full name: Edgar William Rwegasira Buberwa

Programme: MSc Development Management (Applied Development Economics)

Optional courses taken: DV490: Applied Policy Analysis for Macroeconomic Development | DV491: Microeconomic Analysis | DV494 Foundations of Applied Econometrics for Economic Development Policy | DV433: Informal Economy and Development

Home country: Tanzania

Scholarship: Chevening Scholarship

Social: LinkedIn

Favourite spot in London: Clearly not one – love the parks, food scenes and Sunday markets especially the Brick Lane vintage market

Bio: Hi everyone, I am Edgar from the Development Management program. I have an undergraduate degree in Finance and for ~4yrs prior to coming to LSE I worked for a development consulting firm for a range of clients on projects for inclusive economic development, agriculture and food security, financial inclusion, climate change, impact investing, gender, and trade in several Sub-Saharan African countries. I also work as a research assistant with The Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment here at LSE to build a Community of Practice on Behavioral Approaches for Water Security in Africa.

Outside school I am a foodie, I have been trying new cuisines available in the streets of London, been exploring different UK cities and the nightlife. As you are considering the LSE MSc Development Management, I’d be happy to offer any support in my capacity. Cheers!


Full name: Farzana Abdikadir Ibrahim

Programme: MSc Development Management

Optional courses taken: DV494: Foundations of Applied Econometrics for Economic Development Policy | DV490: Economic Development Policy I: Applied Policy Analysis for Macroeconomic Development | DV492: Economic Development Policy III: Government Policy Analysis | DV443: Consultancy Project

Home country: Kenya

Scholarship: Chevening Scholarship

Social: Instagram: farzana_abdi | LinkedIn

Favourite spot in London: St James Park

Bio: My name is Farzana Ibrahim, and I am a Chevening scholar from Kenya. I am passionate about economic development and wish to contribute to shaping my country’s economic, social and political landscape and the African continent.

I studied Economics and Finance for my undergraduate studies at Kenyatta University in Kenya. I am a development practitioner with over five years of experience. Before joining LSE, I worked in International Development Advisory with donor partners and government officials across East Africa, specifically Somalia and Sudan. I have previously worked with the Africa Union Commission in Addis Ababa within the Programmes, Budget and Finance Directorate.

Before stumbling onto my true calling, I was swimming in spreadsheets as an assurance associate in financial services (which seems like ancient history now). But then I had an epiphany: I found more joy in crunching budgets for public sector projects than I ever did balancing books for banks. It turns out I prefer chasing progress in the public sector over chasing pennies. It’s like I traded my calculator for a compass and found my true North in making a difference.

To the incoming class, congratulations on your offer at LSE, and I look forward to answering your questions.


Full name: Ika Kartika Sari

Programme: MSc Development Studies

Optional courses taken: DV407: Poverty | DV423: Global Political Economy of Development | DV433: The Informal Economy and Development | SP430: Social Security Policy

Home country: Indonesia

Scholarship: Ministerial Scholarship from Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance

Social: Instagram: ikakari | LinkedIn

Favourite spot in London: Greenwich and anywhere with lots of flowers

Bio:Hey there! I’m Ika, hailing from the bustling streets of Jakarta, Indonesia. I took Accounting as my undergraduate degree at the State Finance Polytechnic of STAN back home. But then, my professional background at the Fiscal Policy Agency, Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance, changed my path of interest. As a government official who engages in policymaking, LSE’s Development Studies caught my attention with its balanced interdisciplinary approach, integrating economics, politics, and social issues. I’m particularly interested in social protection, poverty, and post-COVID public policy research.

My learning journey in Development Studies has been exhilarating! I learn a lot about ‘connecting the dots’ between developmental issues to understand the global landscape. But it’s not all books and theories! For more exciting things outside academic life, check out the LSE LIFE website for various resources, support services, and interesting upcoming events. Life in London itself has been amazing! You will never run out of places to visit or new things to do. Try to experience them with your new LSE friends!

If you are curious about the life of an LSE student, the enchanting chaos of London, recommended coffee shops, or simply what Indonesian dish to try, just reach out anytime!


Full name: JoElla Kleinhesselink

Programme: MSc Economic Policy for International Development

Optional courses taken: DV476: Population Analysis, Methods and Models

Home country: United States of America

Social: LinkedIn

Favourite spot in London: Victoria Embarkment Promenade

Bio: Hello, my name is JoElla and I am part of the inaugural cohort of the Economic Policy for International Development (EPID) program. I came straight into my master’s from my undergraduate where I double majored in Political Science and Economics at the University of South Dakota in the United States. During my bachelor’s I was able to intern at several different economic think tanks, with the U.S. Department of State, and study in South Africa as part of the Boren Awards.

The two best aspects of studying at the LSE are the students and the professors. Your cohort will be able to provide personal insight from all over the world and the EPID professors will provide individual mentorship throughout the duration of your classes and dissertation.


Full name: Kohichi Sado

Programme: MSc Economic Policy for International Development

Optional courses taken: MG430: Firms & Markets in Emerging Economies

Home country: Japan

Scholarship:  LSE Student Support Fund

Favourite spot in London: LSE Library, Marshall Building (LSE), London School of Barbering, London Bridge, Lidl supermarket and Lincoln Inn Fields

Bio: Hello, I am studying economic policy for international development. I came here to London to enhance my quantitative analysis skills, not only in a statistical but also in an intuitional way, for my work and career in the future. Even if studying at LSE is often intense and rigorous (sometimes fun with many refreshment activities), learning international development, particularly from an economic and empirical perspective would enhance my horizon. Another thing to be highlighted in the student life at LSE is that many classmates, professors, admin staff (and even building security) are so friendly. Furthermore, asking brilliant students and academic staff would complement what you struggle to comprehend during your lectures and seminars.

For my MSc dissertation, I am currently interested in resilient supply chains in relation to Japan and ASEAN nations although I have been struggling with how to quantify supply chain-related public information for my research.

(Tips if you come outside the UK. I can see why some people mention that the water pressure in London is not that significant and Vitamin D is literally vital for energy. Also, note that food for all would greatly save your lunch budget.)


Full name: Kristina Roels

Programme: MSc International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies

Optional courses taken: DV423: Global Political Economy of Development | DV462: Forced Migration and Refugees | IR467: Political Economy of Climate Change

Home country: Belgium

Social: Instagram: kristina.roels

Favourite spot in London: Primrose Hill – great for a picnic with your friends on a sunny day, and it also has a nice view of the city!

Bio: Hi! I’m Kristina and am originally from Belgium but spent my high school years moving around and living in various places. Because of this, London felt like the perfect place to move to given that it’s such a multi-cultural environment and allows you to meet people from all types of backgrounds.

Before LSE, I completed my undergraduate in European Law in the Netherlands, so slightly shifting course by coming here to study International Development felt like taking a bit of a risk, but I definitely do not regret it! I have especially enjoyed the Humanitarian Consultancy Programme as part of the IDHE programme since it really gives you a chance to put your knowledge into practice and work on something of ‘real life’ importance, which is especially useful if you are like me and don’t have much working experience yet.

Besides that, living in London has been an amazing experience in terms of always having something or somewhere new to explore. The wide range of people, places, and things to do means that you’ll never get bored and that whatever your interests are, you will always find something to do!


Full name: Elizabeth Moor (Libby)

Programme: MSc Health and International Development

Optional courses taken: DV457: Sexual and Reproductive Health Programmes: Design, Implementation and Evaluation | DV453: International Development Consultancy Project | DV456: Population, Health and Development: Evidence and Projections | DV428: Managing Humanitarianism

Home country: Australia

Social: LinkedIn

Favourite spot in London: Hampstead Heath, Tower Bridge, Southwark Park

Bio: Hi everyone! My name is Libby and I’m from Brisbane, Australia. My undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Public Health. Following my undergrad, I worked as an Emergency Nurse for 2 years in both Cairns and Alice Springs in Australia. I chose to study at LSE as it offered a multidisciplinary programme that provided a different perspective to my previous study and work experience. My areas of interest are sexual and reproductive health, LGBTQIA+ health and wellbeing and the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

I am loving living in London! I love how diverse it is and the endless things to do. I also think it’s such a cool city in that everyone can find a space for them. Outside of university, I have been enjoying going for long walks along the Thames and around any green space I can find. I’ve also loved going to women’s football matches around London! LSE also offers heaps of events so there is never a lack of things to do, and the opportunities are endless!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all. All the best!


Full name: Madeleine Northfield

Programme: MSc International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies

Optional courses taken: DV462: Forced Migration and Refugees | DV455: Advocacy, Campaigning and Grassroots Activism | DV457: Sexual and Reproductive Health Programmes: Design, Implementation and Evaluation

Home country: Canada

Social: Instagram: mads_northfield | Linkedin

Favourite spot in London: Victoria Park on a Sunday!

Bio: Hi Everyone! My name is Maddy and I’m originally from Toronto, Canada! I did my undergraduate degree at McGill University in Montreal, where I earned a joint-honours degree in International Development and African Studies with a minor in Economics. For the past 3 years, I’ve worked for a US-based education company that supports school districts and ministries of education globally by implementing curriculum on the sustainable development goals and UN. I’ve been able to continue this work part-time while at LSE and supported the UAE’s Ministry of education with their COP28 initiatives in the Fall of 2023. I’m particularly interested in the ways the private and public sectors can collaborate intellectually and financially to support humanitarianism and development initiatives.

Outside of LSE, I love to cook, explore London and hang out with my cat, Hagrid! One of the best parts of London is that there is always something new to see or do, you will never get bored! I’m happy to answer any and all questions about LSE and London so feel free to reach out!


Full name: Nikhat Fatima

Programme: MSc Health and International Development

Optional courses taken: DV457: Sexual and Reproductive Health Programmes: Design, Implementation and Evaluation | MG483: eHealth: Policy, Strategy and Systems | DV415: Global Environmental Governance

Home country: Pakistan


Favourite spot in London: Camden Market

Bio: I was born and brought up in Pakistan and did my undergraduate degree at the Lahore University of Management Sciences. After working as a consultant for three years, I decided to pursue my postgraduate studies at LSE, which brought me to London in 2023.

One thing that instantly struck me about London (and LSE, of course!) is its incredible diversity. The city has a welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel like you’ve always belonged. And if you feel things going South, there is nothing a nice walk cannot fix.

As a noodle soup enthusiast, I’ve been thrilled to explore the vast variety available in London. My current favourites include Pho and a hidden gem, a small place near Leicester Square station. My advice to anyone considering moving here: embrace new experiences, be prepared for the cold, and definitely don’t forget your umbrella!


Full name: Rachelle Angela Ramos

Programme: MSc in Economic Policy for International Development

Optional courses taken: DV423: Global Political Economy of Development | PP450: Public Organizations: Theory and Practice

Home country: Philippines

Scholarship: Philippine Government Staff Development Program for Competition Law and Policy

Social: Instagram: rache.ramos | Linkedin

Favourite spot in London: LSE campus (because it is at the centre of everything in London)

Bio: Mabuhay! I am Rachelle and I am among the first cohort of the MSc in Economic Policy for International Development. Before studying at the LSE, I work as an economic development analyst at the National Economic and Development Authority, the Philippines’ socio-economic planning and policy oversight body. If it’s not already apparent from my bio, I am passionate about learning economics and using it to contribute to the development of my home country. I’ll return to the Philippines and continue working at the same job after the completion of my studies.

It is my first time living and studying abroad. I find the experience extraordinary as I have learned (and still am learning) from top academics, met brilliant people from all over the world, got exposed to diverse cultures, gone to places in and outside of London, attended various events and socials, and drunk lots of beers. And I know there’s more to experience here at the LSE and in London in the coming months. But living abroad is also challenging with all the “flat hold” chores I have to do by myself while also finding time to study and all the tight budget control in the buzzing but expensive London. Still, I find that the benefits of living and studying here far outweigh the costs.


Full name: Rewa El Masry

Programme: MSc International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies

Optional courses taken: DV455: Advocacy, Campaigning and Grassroots Activism | DV494: Foundations of Applied Econometrics for Economic Development Policy| DV492 Economic Development Policy III | SP434: Behavioural Public Policy

Home country: Lebanon

Scholarship: Chevening Scholarship

Social: Instagram: rewa_elmasry | Linkedin

Favourite spot in London: Islington

Bio: Hi everyone, my name is Rewa El Masry and I grew up in Lebanon where I got to kick off my career in International Development and humanitarian work following my undergraduate degree in Economics and Political Science. Prior to joining LSE, I worked with several think tanks, Non-Governmental and International Organizations focusing on supporting vulnerable communities in Lebanon and across MENA.

The IDHE program journey has been quite influential, allowing me to understand the theories and literature behind development and humanitarian work. What is so significant about this program is the different discussions with practitioners from the field, particularly DV 428’s Voices of Experience lectures and DV 445’s cutting issues lecture series bringing in key insights for us to critically examine. The Cumberland Lodge is another key highlight in my journey that simulated a humanitarian crisis gathering over 40 students and professors from the department.

Overall, the International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies program is an immense opportunity to learn and actively participate in discussions with world-leading professors and practitioners from the field all while enjoying living in one of the greatest cities in the world!


Full name: Ryan Taehyoung Kim

Programme: MSc Development Management

Optional courses taken: DV490: Half Unit Economic Development Policy I | DV491: Economic Development Policy II: Microeconomic Analysis | DV494: Foundations of Applied Econometrics for Economic Development Policy

Home country: South Korea


Favourite spot in London: The British Museum

Bio: Welcome! My name is Ryan, and I am currently studying MSc Development Management Economics Specialism at LSE. I’m originally from South Korea and lived in Vietnam for more than 10 years. Before my master’s I worked in finance as a senior analyst. My study interests are in development economics and sustainable investment. DM fully met my expectations in honing my skills in literature and quantitative analysis regarding development interventions and consultancy.

Outside of my studies, I enjoy travelling, watching films, and hitting the gym. I will be more than happy to answer questions regarding admission experience, campus life, LSE accommodation, workout and more! Please feel free to reach out anytime.


Full name: Sofia Abecassis Saldanha

Programme: MSc International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies

Optional courses taken: DV423: Global Political Economy of Development | DV420: Complex Emergencies | DV462: Forced Migration and Refugees

Home country: Lisbon, Portugal – born and raised

Social: Instagram: sofsabecassis | Linkedin

Favourite spot in London: Anywhere walking along the Thames, especially on a sunny day

Bio: Hey! I’m Sofia and I’m from Lisbon, Portugal. I did my BA in Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick, having graduated just last year. During my BA I also took a Year Abroad doing Erasmus in Paris and then working at a European Institution in Brussels, working on communications and following all sorts of high-level meetings and negotiations.

For me, IDHE was never an obvious choice but one among many interests. Looking back, I believe it was the best choice I could have made. I have always been driven by this (quite broad) concept of wanting to “make the world a better place” and believe this course ended up being a perfect fit. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any sort of questions about the course, I will be happy to help out!

Outside the LSE, I love to explore London, stroll through its streets, catch exhibitions and musicals, and try its incredible variety of amazing food. I think I spend most of my time on this last point! I am also passionate about travelling. To fund these adventures, I also spend quite a few hours per week tutoring and babysitting.


Full name: Vladimir Petrenko

Programme: MSc Development Studies

Optional courses taken: AN456: Anthropology of Economy | DV423: Global Political Economy | DV424: Institutions of Late Development | MY425: Case Studies and Comparative Methods for a Qualitative Research

Home country: Russia

Social: Instagram: fraisssse | Linkedin

Favourite spot in London: Giant Foyles bookshop in Soho

Bio: Hi! My name is Vladimir. I studied International Relations before and am now study Development Studies at the LSE. Fortunately for me, Development Studies does not require an economic background or knowledge of quantitative methods!

In my free time, I love perfecting my cooking skills and hiking. Though the UK is very famous for its hiking routes, there are many hidden gems here. Uniting with nature and finding inner peace in a calm environment is a must-do activity in our hectic fast-paced lives. Unfortunately, it is also a privilege.

Please, feel free to reach out to me to ask about anything, literally anything. My personal motto is “There are no stupid questions”!



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