Aug 30 2012

Prizewinning three years for BSc IR student

Warwick Brennand

Warwick Brennand on his graduation from LSE

BSc IR student Warwick Brennand has just graduated from LSE, after winning School or Departmental Prizes in each of his three years of study.

In his first/second year 2009-11 he won the LSE100 Prize for best performance in the examination, and he followed this by winning the Goodwin Prize in 2010-11 for best year 2 examination performance, and topped it off by winning the BSc IR Year 3 Examination Prize in 2011-12.

Warwick says of his time in the International Relations Department: “I thoroughly enjoyed studying International Relations at LSE. In particular, I found that the first year of the IR course at LSE provides you with exactly the building blocks you need in order to focus on the areas that interest you the most in the latter part of the course. I am very grateful to all of the lecturers and teaching staff who made it such an interesting and challenging three years”.

Warwick will be starting Law School in London in October 2012 and we wish him well with his future career.

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