Aug 4 2016

Research Student Destinations: Dr Feng Zhang, Fellow, PhD 2009

Dr Feng Zhang

Dr Feng Zhang

Dr Feng Zhang

Fellow (Level C), Department of International Relations, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, Australian National University, January 2014 to present.

Thesis Title: Chinese Primacy in East Asian History: Deconstructing the Tribute System in China’s Early Ming Dynasty (2009)

(subsequently published as Chinese Hegemony: Grand Strategy and International Institutions in East Asian History, Stanford University Press, 2015)

Supervisor: Professor Christopher R. Hughes

“Dr Feng Zhang specialises in Chinese foreign policy and strategy, Asia Pacific security, and international relations theory. His articles have appeared in leading IR journals including the European Journal of International Relations and Review of International Studies. His first book about Chinese hegemony in East Asian history was published by Stanford University Press in 2015. His current research focuses on China-US-ASEAN relations in the context of the developing trends in the South China Sea.”

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