Jul 12 2016

Research Student Destinations: Maxi Ussar, 2015, Director

Dr Maxi Ussar

Director (JustImpact Consulting); since January 2014.

Thesis Title: Ethics, aid, and organisational characteristics: Are multilateral organisations more likely to be driven by ethical considerations than their bilateral counterparts? (2015)

Supervisors: Kirsten Ainley and Kimberly Hutchings

“I have set-up, and currently run, an international development consultancy focusing on women’s rights, gender equality promotion, and monitoring and evaluation. The consultancy is based in Blantyre, Malawi, but works on projects across Eastern Africa and at the global-level. My main clients include UNICEF, UN Women, ILO, Adam Smith International, Oxfam, and ActionAid. The majority of my work involves research on gender-related aspects of development projects and programmes; the provision of technical advice on gender equality and women’s empowerment; and the development of gender policies, strategies, and gender-responsive monitoring and evaluation systems for international development programmes.”

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