Sep 15 2016

Research Student Destinations: José Luis Valdés-Ugalde, Professor, PhD 1999

José Luis Valdés-Ugalde

Dr. José Luis Valdés-Ugalde

Dr José Luis Valdés-Ugalde

Full time tenured researcher and professor at UNAM (1994 to present)

Thesis Title: Intervining in Revolution. The US exercise of Power in Guatemala 1954 (1999)

Supervisor: Professor Christopher Hill

“Individually, I have developed among others, the following research project, “From ‘Americanism’ as ideology to smart power as strategy. Globalisation, US decline and recovery: towards a new foreign policy? Regional consequences. A comparative overview.” I have been lecturer/Supervisor/Advisor to undergraduate and post graduate students of International Relations and Political Science at UNAM and other Mexican and international universities. I have been author, coauthor and editor of 11 books; author of thirty chapters in books and author of more than sixty articles in specialized magazines.”

LATEST BOOK: Estados Unidos y los principales actores de la reconfiguración del orden mundial en el siglo XXI

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