Jul 12 2016

Research Student Destinations: Monika Kruesman, 2013, Head of Programmes

Monika Kruesman

Monika Kruesmann

Dr Monika Kruesmann

Head of Programmes at Think Global, commenced October 2013.

Thesis Title: Digging for Compliments: Rio Tinto Group, Corporate Social Responsibility and the Diffusion of International Norms (2013)

Supervisor: Chris Brown

“Monika is Head of Programmes at global education charity Think Global. She oversees both the strategy and delivery of work across the Programmes Team. Current projects include collaborations with education and NGO partners across Europe, and development of policy and campaigning work around the skills young people need to thrive in a globalised world. Conceptually, her work is informed by elements of her doctoral research, in particular work on global normative movement.”

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