Aug 28 2018

Gender and bias in the International Relations curriculum: Insights from reading lists

Kiran Phull, Gokhan Ciflikli and Gustav Meibauer, three members of the LSE Department of International Relations have produced an important paper analysing female exclusion in an International Relations curriculum, using the LSE IR curriculum as a dataset. The paper is based on the work of the IR PhD-led Gender & Diversity Project.

It has now been published online in the European Journal of International Relations.

From the abstract:

Following growing academic interest and activism targeting gender bias in university curricula, we present the first analysis of female exclusion in a complete International Relations curriculum, across degree levels and disciplinary subfields. Previous empirical research on gender bias in the teaching materials of International Relations has been limited in scope, that is, restricted to PhD curricula, non-random sampling, small sample sizes or predominately US-focused. By contrast, this study uses an original data set of 43 recent syllabi comprising the entire International Relations curriculum at the London School of Economics to investigate the gender gap in the discipline’s teaching materials.

Download and read the paper here.

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