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Alison Carter - Blog editor

July 21st, 2022

The Centre for International Studies (CIS): History and list of Fellows


Estimated reading time: 15 minutes

Alison Carter - Blog editor

July 21st, 2022

The Centre for International Studies (CIS): History and list of Fellows


Estimated reading time: 15 minutes

The Centre for International Studies (CIS) was established in 1967 as one of the first major interdepartmental and interdisciplinary initiatives at LSE, supported by a 5-year grant from the Ford Foundation. The Departments of International Relations, History, Sociology, Law, Government, Social Policy and Economics supported its creation and were represented in the Centre’s Management Committee, along with the Department of International Development. The Centre closed in 2022 and Academic Visitors now join the Department of International Relations directly.

The primary purpose of the Centre was to encourage innovative research in international studies, broadly conceived. In its 55 year history from its establishment in 1967 to its closure in 2022, the Centre hosted more than 300 visiting scholars from around the world, working on an extremely diverse range of topics. These fellows connected the Centre to more than 70 countries through their home affiliations or research topics, and were drawn not just from universities but also from international organisations, government departments, NGOs, media organisations and think tanks.

Academics at all levels of seniority, from postdoc to Professor, enjoyed fellowships at the Centre alongside practitioners taking time for scholarly reflection on their practical experience. Fellows visited from organisations such as the World Trade Organisation, the International Monetary Fund, the UK Cabinet Office, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the BBC, the US Defence Department and Treasury, the European Community, the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Indian army, as well as universities, NGOs and think tanks from each continent.

Read more about the Centre’s history in the book written by Dr Aaron C. McKeil, The LSE Centre for International Studies. A History: 1967-2017.

List of Fellows at the CIS


Mohamed-Ali Adraoui
Political Scientist and a Historian of International Relations.
His research interests have to do with Middle East Politics, Radicalism, Political Islam and the US Foreign Policy.

Dr Viviane Dittrich
Deputy Director of the International Nuremberg Principles Academy.
Her research interests lie at the intersections of politics and international law, focusing on international organizations, international criminal law and the politics of memory.

Dr Mishana Hosseinioun
Lecturer in International Relations at Corpus Christi College at the University of Oxford.
Her research interests span from contentious politics to political psychology.

Dr Ashley Thomas Lenihan
Associate at the LSE’s foreign policy think tank LSE IDEAS, Head of Policy and Engagement at the British Academy of Management (BAM), and a Senior Policy Advisor at the Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS) and its Campaign for Social Science.
Her primary research focuses on the relationship between foreign direct investment and national security from an international relations perspective.

Professor Mark A Pollack
Professor of Political Science and Law and Jean Monnet Chair at Temple University
His research interests include a new edited volume (with Dunoff) on International Legal Theories (Cambridge University Press, 2021); and a volume (with Chiara Giorgetti) on Competition, Cooperation, and Cross-Fertilization among International Courts (Cambridge University Press, 2021).

Dr Michael Reynolds
Law tutor, solicitor, and chartered arbitrator, specialising in international law and dispute resolution.

His research interests are on the resolution of disputes between states in the period 1870-1914. He is particularly interested in the inter-action of the processes of negotiation and settlement in the context of diplomacy and the rule of international law.


Dr Birju Kotecha
Senior Lecturer in Law at Northumbria Law School, Newcastle Upon-Tyne, UK.
His research interests are in international criminal law and transitional justice.


Dr Kristin E. Fabbe
Assistant Professor and Hellman Faculty Fellow at Harvard Business School in the Business, Government, and the International Economy Unit
Her research is on the mechanisms that drive societal resilience in the face of major political, economic, and demographic crises.

Dr Elizabeth Kier
Professor of political science at the University of Washington, Seattle
Her research investigates the “politics of rights” in the military

Dr Jonathan Mercer
Political science professor at the University of Washington in Seattle
His primary research interests are international relations theory, international security, and political psychology.

Dr Tahani Mustafa
ESRC postdoctoral fellow at LSE Department of International Relations
Her primary research is on security governance in the Middle East.

Professor David Scheffer
Mayer Brown/Robert A. Helman Professor of Law at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law in Chicago, Illinois

Dr Detlef von Daniels
Lecturer at FU-Berlin European Studies Program
A Genealogy of Cosmopolitan Thought

Dr Tomas Wallenius
Departmental Lecturer in International Relations at Oxford University
A new interpretation of the history of the global legal order


Dr Sulaiman T. Al-Abduljader
Assistant Professor of Finance at Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST)
Returning to Silk Road: Economic and Financial Implications on Developed and Emerging Markets

Dr Martin J Bayly
Assistant Professor of International Relations, LSE
Imagining New Worlds: Empire and Knowledge in the Learned Societies of Colonia India, 1873-1955

Dr May Darwich
Assistant Professor in International Relations of the Middle East in the School of Government and International Affairs (SGIA) at Durham University

Dr Agah Hazir
Assistant Professor of International Relations at Van Yuzuncu Yil University, Turkey.
His research interests focus on comparative politics, religion-state relations and transnational Islam. His regional expertise is on Iran and Turkey.

Dr Christer H. Pursiainen
Professor of Societal Safety and Environment at the Department of Engineering and Safety, Faculty of Science and Technology, Arctic University of Norway (UiT), in Tromsø, Norway
Bringing Psychology Back into Foreign Policy Analysis

Dr Daniel Ritter
Assistant Professor of Sociology at Stockholm University
The Outcomes of Revolutions: Pathway to Democracy?

Dr Dennis R. Schmidt
Lecturer in International Relations at Swansea University
His research focuses on the politics and ethics of international law, concentrating on the role of law and institutions in a changing global order, international law on the use of force, and international criminal justice.


Dr. Faruk Yalvaç
Middle East Technical University in Ankara
Historical Sociology of the Seas:  The role of the seas in the development of capitalism and in Turkish Foreign Policy 

Dr. Amrita Saha
Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex
Political Economy of Trade Policy: Lobbying Strategies, Two-Level Games & Trade Protection in Developing Countries 


Dr. Arno Hold
University of Bern
Exploring the Interface between Intellectual Property Rights and Trade in Services

Dr. Flavia Jurje
University of Lucerne
Regulatory Powers in the International Migration Regime: A Social Network Approach

Dr. Yulia Netesova
Moscow State Institute of International Affairs
Russian Protesting Movement in 2011-2012: the Story of the Interaction Between the Movement and the Russian State

Dr. David Rampton
Power, Identity and Conflict in Sri Lanka

Professor Giorgiandrea Shani
International Christian University
Religion, Migration and Human Security: A Post-Secular Perspective?

Professor Marie Thorsten
Doshisha University
Still Cool?: Soft and Hard Power in Post-Pacifist Japan


Dr. Paul Higate
University of Bristol
From Jihadis to Crusaders: Men, Masculinities and the Gendered Politics of Radicalisation

Dr. Swapna Kona Nayudu
King’s College London
The Nehruvian Moment: Decolonization, Détente and Disarmament at the UN, 1945- 1965

Dr. Andew Phillips
University of Queensland
International Hierarchy, and the Making of Modern Asia

Dr. Daniel Ritter
University of Nottingham
The Causes, Dynamics, and Outcomes of Revolutions


Dr. Giovanni Arcudi
The Graduate Institute, Geneva
The European Gendarmerie Force: filling a ‘security gap’?

Ms. Chiara Bonaiuti
Senior researcher and research coordinator, IRES Toscana (Institute for Social and Economic Research
Promoting global coherence of EU initiatives in the field of arms exports control and transparency: The impact of the EU Directive 2009/43/EC (6 May 2009) on national arms exports control legislations.

Dr. Michele Chiaruzzi
University of Bologna
Fortune and Irony in Politics. The Writings of Martin Wight

Dr. Marwa Daoudy
Assistant Professor, Georgetown University
Syria’s Uprising: Politics, Environment and Security

Dr. Maria Malksoo
University of Tartu
Transitional Justice and Foreign Policy: The International Implications of Russia´s Political Handling of Its Communist Past

Dr. Ludovica Marchi
University of Mandalay, Singapore Management University and the University of Cambridge
The European Union, ARF and Myanmar: What Influences at Play?

Dr. Robert Mason
Lecturer at the British University in Egypt
Patterns and Consequences of Economic Engagement Across Sub-Sahara Africa: A Comparative Analysis of Chinese, British and Turkish Policies

Dr. Anastassia Obydenkova
Senior Researcher and Associate Professor at the University of Pompeu Fabra, a research affiliate at the Institute for Economic Analysis (CSIC)
Re-thinking the Nature of International Actors: A Study of Regime Dynamics in Post-Communist Eurasia.

Dr. Andrew Phillips
Associate Professor of International Relations and Strategy, University of Queensland
International Hierarchy, and the Making of Modern Asia

Dr. Elia R. G. Pusterla
University of Geneva
Saying the Sovereign Truth – Moral Implications of the Political Aporia of Sovereignty.

Dr Michael Sander
Postdoc at the Research Center of the University of Siegen
Private Multinational Companies in the Creation and Evolution of International and World Order

Professor Jason Sharman
Deputy Director, Centre for Governance and Public Policy, ARC Future Fellow, Griffith University
Chasing Kleptocrats’ Loot: Strengthening Accountability for Grand Corruption Crimes


Dr. Valur Ingimundarsson
Professor of Contemporary History, University of Iceland
The geopolitics of Arctic governance: The tension between regionalism and intergovernmentalism

Dr. Hongsong Liu
Associate Professor, School of International and Diplomatic Affairs, Shanghai International Studies University
EU-UN relations during the Post-Cold War era; China, the EU and Politics in International Institutions.

Dr. Beyza  Ç. Tekin
Assistant Professor in the Department of International Relations at Galatasaray University, Istanbul
Is the EU a normative power of cosmopolitan nature? An appraisal in the midst of the euro-zone crisis.

Dr Zheping Xie
Tsinghua University, Beijing
UK-China relations: the experience of Chinese students who came to the LSE in the 1940s-1970s, who have now gone on to be Chinese leaders.


Dr. Giorgio Cesarale
Lecturer in political philosophy, Sapienza University of Rome
Giovanni Arrighi’s Theory of Globalization and Financialisation

Dr. Agni Kalfagianni
University of Amsterdam
TNC Standards for Sustainable Development: Cure, Curse or Mixed Blessing?

Dr. Elizabeth Kier
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of WashingtonInternational Relations with emphasis on international security and civil-military relations; War & Philosophy

Professor Jonathan Mercer
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Washington
“Social Emotion” used to address three puzzles: racism, prestige, and justice. Regional: Korean War, UK, British colonialism

Dr. Yulia Netesova
Russian independent media “Rosbalt”
The first phases of the Russian protest movement triggered by the elections in 2011-2012, Russia.

Dr. Ziv Rubinovitz
University of Haifa and Menachem Begin Heritage Centre
Decline of American hegemony


Dr. Julian Go
Department of Sociology, Boston University
Globalizing Sociology; Colonial Cosmopolitans in the Spanish and American Empires 

Dr. Caroline Holmgvist
National Swedish Defence College, Sweden
War and communication in the 21st century

Dr. Vidya Kumar
University of Toronto
International Law; Global Security Issues;

Dr. Nikolaos Lymouris
Centre for European Governance, Institute of IR, Greece
A Comprehensive Approach to EU Crisis Management

Dr. Michal Natorski
Associate Lecturer and Research Fellow in I.R. at Autonomous University of Barcelona & Member of research group Observatory of European Foreign Policy and the Institut Barcelone d’Estudis Internacionals
The EU’s struggle for international recognition: the cases of the United Nations system and transatlantic relations

Dr. Miguel Otero-Iglesias
ESSCA School of Management, Paris
The US-EU-China Triangle in the Reform of the International Monetary System: What is the Chinese Perspective?

Professor John Ryan
SCMS London and Cochin, India
China and the Eurozone: The Reserve Currency Question

Dr. Elisabetta de Giorgi
University of Siena
Giovanni Arrighi’s Theory of Globalization and Financialisation


Mr. Robert Hardy
The War of Ideas

Professor Wayne Hunt
Professor of Political Science, Mount Allison University
Geopolitics, Technology and Political Leadership

Dr. Anthony J Langlois
Associate Professor, Flinders University
Human Rights and Cosmopolitan Liberalism

Dr. Ashley Lenihan
Senior Fellow, Institute for Law, Science, & Global Security, Georgetown University
‘Balancing Power Without Weapons: State Intervention into Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions.’ The political economy of security, and the relationship between social science evidence and policy

Dr. Domenico Tosini
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento
The Political Opportunities and the Crisis of the Sunni Insurgency in the Iraqi
Transition to Democracy


Dr. Nicola Chelotti
University of Pisa
Socialization and Negotiations within the CFSP/ESDP: an Analysis of the
Decision-Making Process

Dr. Elisabeth Johansson-Nogues
IUEE, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
What of the EU’s ‘soft power’?

Dr. Diego Muro
Max Weber postdoctoral fellow, European University Institute (EUI)
Process of De-radicalisation in Europe

Dr. M Faith Tayfur
Associate Professor, Department of International Relations, Middle East Technical University, Ankara.
How Useful Is It To Define the “Greater Eastern Mediterranean Region” As A Sub-Region Of IPE In Understanding And Explaining The Turkish-Greek Rivalry? 

Dr. Vibeke Schou Tialve
Centre for Advanced Security Theory, University of Copenhagen
From Raison d’État to the Risk Society: Security and the Public in Modern Western History 


Dr. Ilan Zvi Baron
Post-doctoral researcher, IBEI
Diaspora Politics, Obligation and Security: Jewish and Muslim Diasporas, the Politics of Pluralism and International Relations

Professor Srikanta Chatterjee
Massey University, New Zealand
A quarter-century of closer economic relations: how useful might the Australia-New Zealand Model be for the Developing Asia-Pacific Economies

Dr. Seda Unsar
Western and Ottoman development with cases of Eastern and patterns such as Indian Muslim and Hindu structures

Dr. Carl Watts
University of Birmingham
Rhodesia’s unilateral declaration of independence: a study in international crisis

Dr. Andreas Gofas
Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals
The Gordian Knot of Terrorism, regime type and reporting bias


Dr. Andreas Antoniades
University of Sussex
Competing hegemonies in world politics

Dr. Raphael Badal
Department of Political Science, University of Khartoum
The Conflict in the Darfur Region of Sudan

Dr. Xavier Carpentier-Tanguy
Coimbra University
European Think Tanks

Dr. Caterina Carta
Post-doc, LSE
The European Union Diplomatic Service: Ideas, preferences and identities. Knowledge for foreign policy: cognitive frameworks and European cooperation

Dr. Kevin Desouza
University of Washington
A critical analysis of terrorist entities: An inter-disciplinary study of their structures and evolutionary capabilities

Dr. Eva-Maria Nag
Contemporary Political Thinking in the Arab Gulf States

Dr. Pilar Pozo Serrano
Senior Lecturer of Public International Law, University of Valencia
Private Military and Security Companies and the Maintenance of International  Peace and Security


Professor Linda Hantrais
Emeritus Professor, Department of Politics, History and International Relations, Loughborough University
International Comparative Research: theory, methodology, management and practice; EU public policy and institutional; the relationship between socio-demographic trends and social policy; social science evidence and the policy process

Dr. Bruce W Jentleson
Duke University
The use of force and diplomacy for U.S. foreign policy and the international community

Professor Amarjit Kaur
University of New England
Skilled Indian Labour Migration to the Asia-Pacific region and the United Kingdom: Governance and Policy Issues

Dr. Geeta Kulshrestha
The poverty-environment linkages: realising the Millennium Development Goals in the slums of Delhi

Dr. Daniel Muegge
GARNET Research fellow, University of Amsterdam
Reflexivity in global finance: how agency matters to market change

Dr. Alexander Terentiev
Russian Academy of Science
The current wave of Russian emigration to Great Britain.

Dr. Leslie Vinjamuri
Assistant Professor, Georgetown University
Strategic Justice, Postwar Reconstruction and American Foreign Policy


Dr. Tim Dyson
Post-doctoral Fellow, LSE
The domestic politics of armed forces reform in post-cold war Europe

Dr. Andreas Herberg-Rothe
Humboldt University Berlin
Clausewitz and International Relations

Dr. Muge Kinacioglu
University of Hacettepe
Emerging Justifications for the Use of Force

Dr. Klejda Mulaj
Post-doctoral Fellow, LSE
The impact of globalization on organised violence

Professor Jianhua Zhang
Associate Professor, Department of History,  Peking University
Great Britain and the Origins of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895


Professor Evgeny Borisovich Kovrigin
Seinan Gakuin University, Japan
A Comparative Study of Japan’s FDI in Asia-Pacific and Western Europe’

Dr. George Lawson
The Dangers of Democratisation

Yu Zhang
Russia-EU Relations


Mr. Adel E Abishev
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kazakhstan
Central Asia: A Region in its Formation

Dr. Maria de Carvalho
University of Brasilia
European  Union, United States and Brazil in Multilateral Agriculture Negotiations in the Development Round of WTO

Dr. R Anthony Elson
International Monetary Fund
The Pace of Development and Growth in East Asia and Latin America

Professor Cui Hongwei
Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
EU’s Asia Strategy in the Early Twentieth Century and China’s Role

Dr. Maria Cristina Mattioli
Federal Labour Judge, Brazil
International Labour Standards and Globalisation

Dr. Chris O’Sullivan
University of San Francisco
Britain and the US Quest for World Order Since 1919


Dr. Kayhan Barzegar
Centre for Scientific Research and Middle East Strategic Studies, Tehran
Iran’s Regional Policy

Professor Michael Cohen
Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Defending the Northern Tier 1954-1958

Professor Lawrence Saez
University of California, Berkeley
The Impact of Globalisation on Emerging Markets

Professor Eilchi Shindo
Tsukuba National University, Japan
Constructing a Cooperative Security Regime in East Asia

Dr. Ma Xin
Development Research Centre, State Council of RPC, Beijing
Comparison between the China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone and European Economic Integration


Professor Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe
Formerly Centre for Cross Cultural Studies, Dakar
The African State, Conflict and Conflict Resolution

Dr. Erik Jensen
Simmons College, Boston
Western Sahara Dispute

Professor Xia Jun
Beijing University
Telecommunications Universal Service in China

Professor Evgeny Borisovich Kovrigin
Seinan Gakuin University, Japan
Direct Investment and Off-shore Production by Japan

Dr. Catherine Krull
University of Kingston, Ontario
Culture of Resistance: The Impact of the US Embargo on Women, Families and Community Development in Cuba

Professor Kyosti Pekonen
University of Helsinki
From Ruling and Governing to Governance: The Conceptual History of Ruling

Dr. Leslie Vinjamuri
Georgetown University
International Human Rights


Mr. David Bostock
Cabinet Office
Interaction of EU policy-making/decision taking and national administrations

Ms. Liang Jianwu
China Institute of Contemporary International Relations
The Influence of Europe on International Financial Pattern; International economy and economic development in Asia

Professor Soonam Kim
Korea National Defence University
Integration process of Europe after World War II

Dr. Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi
University of Isfarhan
The study of the Iranian revolution based on recent theories of International Relations and social theory


Dr. Birthe Hansen
Institute of Political Science, Copenhagen
European state formation in the 20th Century

Professor George Joffe
Formerly deputy Director, Royal Institute of International Affairs
Political Change in North Africa

Professor Dale Murphy
Georgetown University
The origins of Euromarkets and the offshore financial system

Dr. A Okunade
University of Ibadan
The Efficacy of Sanctions in Promoting International Peace and Security

Professor Mark J Osiel
University of Iowa
The Law of Armed Conflict

Dr. G Pemberton
Macquarrie University
Dr John Burton

Dr. Sergei Stanishev
International Department, BSP, Bulgaria
Russia and the West Between Partnership and Rivalry

Professor Judith Stiehm
Army War College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Professional Military Education

Professor Alfred Tovias
Hebrew University Jerusalem
The EU’s relations with its neighbours


Professor H Gelber
Boston University
Security in the Pacific

Professor Evgeny Borisovich Kovrigin
Seinan Gakuin University, Japan
Japan’s role in the Asia Pacific Economy 1980-90’s

Dr. John MacMillan
University of Keele
Global Governance

Professor Gary Sampson
WTO Secretariat
Role of WTO and the Environment

Dr. Elizabeth Teaque
Jamestown Foundation, Washington DC
Are ethnic Russians leaving the ethnic Republics?

Professor Linda Weiss
University of Sydney
East Asian Transitions


Dr. Alexis Heraclides
Panteios University, Athens
Secessionist conflict and the international society; 1945-1996

Dr. A Y S Muhammed
Kuwait University
International Organisations and the Gulf States

Professor Gregor Schollgn
Friedrich Alexander University
History of World Politics from Bismarck to Stalin

Dr. Anita Inder Singh
International Relations Department, LSE
Democracy, Ethnic Diversity and Post-Cold War Security


Dr. O Akinrinade
University of Ife, Nigeria
The Contemporary Commonwealth; The Commonwealth in the New World Order

Professor Vilho Harle
University of Helsinki
Ideas of social order in the ancient world

Professor Wayne Hunt
Mount Allison University, Canada
Intellectuals and the Creation of National Mythologies

Professor T Iguchi
Tokai University, Japan
Japan’s Relations with Great Britain and Oceania; International relations pertaining to the British Commonwealth

Dr. Elena Kotchina
Moscow Centre for Gender Studies
Western Assistance Programmes for Russia: The Gender Dimension

Dr. Irina Modnikova
Russian Academy of Science
Civil-Military Relations in a Democratic Society

Dr. Alexande Ossipov
Institute for Humanities and Political Studies, Moscow
Academic discourse related to ethnic issues in GB/ Commonwealth countries/ US/ Canada/ Russian Fed

Professor Ralph Pettman
Victoria University of Wellington
Asian Globalism

Ms. Margo Picken
Ford Foundation
International Human Rights


Ms. Georgina Ashworth
Women in multilateral institutions and organisations; Women in select foreign ministries

Dr. Vladimir S Boyko
Institute of Oriental Studies, Moscow
Soviet Russia, Great Britain and Afghanistan 1920/1930

Professor J T Emmerson
Iowa State University
Relations between the British press and the Foreign Office 1933-39

Dr. Margrethe “Meg” Lundsager
Department of the Treasury, Washington, DC.
Economic Integration through Capital Markets

Professor Steven Nuttall
Director Far East, European Community
European Foreign Policy

Dr. R I Rzhenkov
Institute for Humanities and Political Studies, Moscow
Local Government in Transition

Professor Jan Aart Scholte
University of Sussex
Globalisation, social change and global ethics


Dr. Sergei Chugrov
University of Ife, Nigeria
Russian nationalism and its impact on Russian foreign policy.

Dr. Vladimir Gimpelson
Russian Academy of Sciences
Post-Privatization Development of Russian Enterprise

Mr Peter Mangold
BBC World Service
Decline of power politics in the century since Bismarck

Professor Ashwiri Ray
Jawaharlal Nehru University
International Theory after the Cold War

Professor J L Richardson
Australian National University
The relationship between theories of long-term historical change (historical sociology) and international relations theory

Professor Amadu Sesay
University of Ife, Nigeria
Sub-regional security in West Africa

Dr. Veleri D Solevei
The Gorbachev Foundation
Geopolitical Concepts and Foreign Views of Contemporary Russian Radical Opposition

Dr. Eswaran Sridharan
Institute of Policy Studies, New Delhi
Democracy and Development in South and East Asia

Dr. S Trousch
Ford Foundation Fellow; Institute of USA and Canada Studies
Russian-Kazakhstan Relations

Dr. B Tukhtabaev
Institute of World Economy, Tashkent
Central Asian Security


Professor Mervyn Frost
University of Natal
Ethics and International Relations

Professor Michael Lee
University of Bristol
Cultural Relations and Cultural Diplomacy

Professor M Maung
Boston College
Chinese Relations with Burma

Professor Yehunda Nini
Tel Aviv University
Assassination as a political instrument

Margo Picken
The Ford Foundation
International Human Rights

Mr. Stuart Schwartzstein
Formerly US Office of Naval Research; Defense Department, US Government
The states of the former Warsaw Pact; European science and technology policies; Somalia and International Intervention

Dr. Andrei Shoumikhin
USA and Canada Studies Institute, Moscow
Existential realities of ethnic relations in post-Communist societies


Professor Mark H Gelber
Boston University
Security in the Pacific

Dr. Irina Isakova
USA and Canada Studies Institute, Moscow
Russia and the new European states of the former Soviet Union and possibility of new regional security and economic organisations

Dr. Alexander G Ivaknik
Institute of World Economy and International Relations
Interaction between civil society and state institutions: the British experience and the problems of Russia

Professor Gen Kikkawa
Hiroshima Shudo University
Human rights within the CSCE process.

Dr. Neville Linton
Commonwealth Secretariat
Post Cold War International Order; International Monitoring of Elections

Professor Georgiy I Mirsky
Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Moscow
Ethnic Relations in the Former Soviet Union

Professor Alexander Polyakov
Institute of International Economic and Political Studies, Moscow
Labour Migration

Dr. Paul Rich
University of Melbourne
The political economy of majority rule in South Africa

Dr. Oleg Rumyantsev
Moscow State Judicial Academy
The basics of constitutional order of Russian federation; Relations between Russia and other members of the CIS

Professor Gunnar Sjoblom
University of Copenhagen
Party government under societal changes

Dr. Marc Williams
School of African and Asian Studies, University of Sussex
Global Environmental Change


Professor Chiba
Formerly ambassador to the Court of St. James, Centennial Professor at LSE

Professor Stuart Harris
Australian National University
Environmental aspects of the international trade system within GATT; The economic and political consequences of international migration; Postcolonialism

Professor Susan Lees
Hunter College, New York
The impact on the immigrant community and Israeli society of immigrants from the former Soviet Union into Israel.

Mr. Sergei Manezhev
Institute for Far Eastern Studies, Moscow
Problems of the Open Economy Formation in Russia: The Foreign Investment Factor

Professor Nicholas Rengger
University of Bristol
Justice and order in world politics; Critical theory of international relations

Dr. Victor Scrumsky
Institute of World Economy and International Relations
People power: a comparison of Filipino and Soviet cases; The Indonesian model of government


Dr. Israel Burstein
Research Fellow in East European Economics, Romanian Academy of Sciences
Problems of economic transition in Eastern Europe

Professor Maurizio Ferrara
University of Pavia
International interdependence and national welfare systems

Brigadier P K Gupta
Indian Army

Professor Carsten Holbraad
Formerly of the Australian National University
Competing theories of nationalism and internationalism in Europe

Professor Tony Kruszewski
University of Texas at El Paso
Commonwealth of Independent States/East Central Europe and Mexico

Dr. Anna Matveena
Moscow State Institute of International Relations
The Methodology of Political Risk Analysis

Professor Mark Mazower
Princeton University
The Axis Occupation of Greece: 1941-44.

Mr Robert McDonald
The Cyprus Conflict

Professor Thomas B Millar
Australian Studies Centre
Australia in peace and war; The strategic balance and the prospect for peace

Professor Jennifer Schirmer
Wellesley College
The National Security State in Chile, Guatemala and South Africa

Professor Ann Trotter
University of Otago
Biography of New Zealand Diplomat Sir Karl Berendson


Dr. Kevin Bucknall
Ben Gurion University

Professor Isaiah Friedman
Ben Gurion University
The Arab Revolt, 1916-18: Myth and Reality

Professor Wayne Hunt
Mount Allison University

Professor Anoush Khoshkish
Minnesota State University

Dr. E B Mihaly
Mihaly International Organization
The Liberal Peace Thesis

Dr. Cornelia Navari
University of Birmingham

Professor Angel Panebianco
University of Catania

Professor Nicholas Wahl
New York University


Professor Lewis Alexander
University of Rhode Island

Dr. Richad Brown
University of Sussex

Professor Moshe Gat
Bar-Ilan University

Professor Israel Getzler
Hebrew University Jerusalem

Professor Robert Jackson
University of British Colombia

Dr. Alain Jeumaitre
Ecole Polytechnique, Paris

Professor Soonam Kim
Korea National Defence University

Professor Charles Lipson
University of Chicago

Profesor Y.R.K. Reddy
Coromandel Fertilisers Ltd /
Administrative Staff College of India


Maurice Pearton
Cambridge University

Krishnaswamy Subramaniam
Director of the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi

Professor Yair Evron
Tel Aviv University

We are missing records from 1987-88 back. If you were a Fellow at the Centre during that time, please get in touch so that your details can be added.


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