The G7 in a Modern Era: A Necessary Repurposing?

In this piece, Angus Lee traces the conception and early functions of the G7 and compares it to its modern existence. He argues that it still retains a unique position in international affairs and explores its advantages and the ways it can be better utilised. 

This June, Germany will host the 48th[1] G7 summit at Schloss Elmau in Bavaria. The […]

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Global Britain: continuity or delusion?

In this post, Ben Wynne historicises the term ‘Global Britain’ in the 20th century. He argues that there is nothing new about the sentiment behind this phrase and suggests it should not be dismissed as a recent invention of Brexit supporters.

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union is often put down to a desire to regain something of its […]

The Biden Administration and European Strategic Autonomy

In this post, Greg O’Meara examines the US policy toward European security and defence integration. He argues that this integration, and calls for ‘European strategic autonomy,’ are better understood as a response to American demands for greater European contributions to international security rather than intractable fractures in the Atlantic Alliance. 


In the lead up to the US election last November, […]

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